Jobs for Teens at Movie Theaters

Wht Teens Working at Movie Theater?

Movie theaters are a popular job among teens because they offer a variety of entry-level jobs that are well suited for teens with little to no work experience or professional skills. Movie theaters frequently employee teenage workers to perform everyday tasks at movie theaters. If you are interested in a job at a movie theater or you are considering recommending a movie theater job to your teen, read on to find out more with this essential guide.

What Jobs Teens Can Apply at Movie Theater?

There are several different jobs that teens may be employed for in a movie theater. The following are the three most common jobs:

  • Usher: An usher will take tickets from movie theater guests or if the theater employees mobile tickets, they will scan the digital tickets on a customer’s phone. Ushers will also be expected to point out the location of a guest’s assigned seats and if necessary, help guests find the seat if they need assistance. Ushers are also responsible for cleaning movie theater screening rooms after a movie has finished, which will involve sweeping popcorn, throwing out trash, and sanitizing seats.
  • Cashier: A cashier is someone who works behind the counters at a movie theater. Cashiers may work behind the ticket counter and be responsible for selling tickets or they may work behind the counter at the concession stand. Cashiers at the concession stand will likely be required to scoop popcorn and put together orders as well.
  • Servers: Many modern movie theaters have a variety of food and dining options that calls for theaters to hire servers. Servers at a movie theater may be responsible for scooping popcorn, making drinks, making pizza or other concession items in the kitchen; as well as bringing popcorn and other food to a customer’s seats before or during a movie.

Pros and Cons of Working in a Movie Theater

There are both pros and cons for teens working in a movie theater. It’s important to consider these carefully if you or your teen are interested in applying for a movie theater position.

Pros of Working in a Movie Theater

  • Steady employment: movie theaters provide a means for steady employment for teens, who will be able to set money aside for cars, personal items, and save up for adulthood
  • Solid work experience: Movie theaters help teens build confidence in their interpersonal skills, math skills if they work at a register, and generally promote a god work ethic
  • Free popcorn and concessions: Most movie theaters allow employees to have access to free popcorn and even limited amounts of other concession items

Cons of Working in a Movie Theater

  • Will be expected to work evenings and weekends: the busiest types for movie theaters are evenings and especially weekends, so teens with a movie theater job will rarely have weekends free
  • Busy openings can be hectic: Opening weekend, especially for popular films, can be hectic and overwhelming for a teen’s first job

Is a movie theater job right for you or your teen? It all depends on your personality and schedule! If you are trying to decide if this is the right job for you or your teen, consider the above guide carefully. Below is the list of movie theaters which you can apply as a teenager.

Movie Theaters That Hire Teens

1. ACX Cinemas

2. Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas

3. Allen Theatres

4. AMC Theatres

5. AmStar Cinemas

6. Apple Cinemas

7. Atlas Cinemas

8. B&B Theatres

9. Bow Tie Cinemas

10. Brenden Theatres

11. Celebration! Cinema

12. Center Cinemas

13. CineLux Theatres

14. Cinema Entertainment Corporation

15. Cinema West Theaters

16. Cinemagic Theatres

17. Cinemark

18. Cinépolis USA

19. Classic Cinemas

20. Cleveland Cinemas

21. Cobb Theatres

22. Coming Attractions Theatres

23. Dipson Theatres

24. Emagine Entertainment

25. Entertainment Cinemas

26. EPIC Theatres

27. EVO Entertainment Group

28. Fairchild Cinemas

29. Flagship Cinemas

30. Fox Theatres

31. Fridley Theatres

32. FunAsia

33. Galaxy Theaters

34. Georgia Theatre Company

35. Golden Star Theatres

36. Goodrich Quality Theaters

37. Gross Alaska Theatres

38. Harkins Theatres

39. iPic Theaters

40. Laemmle Theatres

41. Landmark Theatres

42. Majestic Theatres

43. Malco Theatres

44. Mann Theatres

45. Marcus Theatres

46. Marquee Cinemas

47. Maya Cinemas

48. Megaplex Theaters

49. Metropolitan Theatres Corporation

50. Mitchell Theatres

51. MJR Theatres

52. MovieScoop Cinemas

53. National Amusements

54. Neighborhood Cinema Group

55. New Vision Theatres

56. Northern Michigan Cinemas

57. Odyssey Theatres

58. Paragon Theaters

59. Patriot Cinemas

60. Penn Cinema

61. Phoenix Theatres

62. Picture Show Entertainment

63. Polson Theatres

64. Premiere Cinemas

65. Reading Entertainment

66. Reel Cinemas

67. Reel Theatre

68. Regal Cinemas

69. Regency Theatres

70. Rio Entertainment

71. Rogers Cinemas

72. Santikos Theatres

73. Sarasota Film Society

74. Showplace Cinemas

75. Showplace Icon Theatres

76. Silver Cinemas

77. Silverspot Cinemas

78. Southeast Cinemas

79. Southern Theatres

80. Spotlight Theatres

81. SR Entertainment

82. Starlight Cinemas

83. Stone Theatres

84. Studio Movie Grill

85. The Decurion Corporation

86. Thomas Theatre Group

87. Tristone Cinemas

88. UEC Theatres

89. UltraStar Cinemas

90. VIP Cinemas Corporation

91. Water Gardens Theatres

92. WyoMovies

93. Yakima Cinema

94. Your Neighborhood Theatre

95. Zurich Cinemas