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Youth providers play a crucial role in helping teenagers explore their career interests, gain valuable skills, and find their dream jobs. Here is a list of organizations and resources that can assist teenagers in their journey toward fulfilling careers:

  1. Youth Employment Services (YES): YES offers a wide range of programs and services, including job placement, skills training, and mentorship, to help teenagers and young adults kickstart their careers.
  2. YouthBuild USA: YouthBuild programs focus on education, job training, and leadership development for low-income young people. They provide opportunities to earn a high school diploma or equivalent while gaining hands-on job skills.
  3. Boys & Girls Clubs of America: Local Boys & Girls Clubs often offer workforce development programs, mentorship, and job readiness training to help teens explore career paths and gain employment skills.
  4. Youth Opportunity Centers: These centers, often funded by local governments or non-profit organizations, provide job placement assistance, resume building, and interview preparation to young job seekers.
  5. Year Up: Year Up combines education and professional development to empower young adults with the skills and confidence needed to succeed in their chosen careers.
  6. JAG (Jobs for America’s Graduates): JAG programs aim to help at-risk youth graduate from high school and successfully transition to the workforce or pursue higher education.
  7. Career and Technical Student Organizations (CTSOs): Organizations like DECA, SkillsUSA, and FBLA offer career-focused programs and competitions that help students explore various industries and build valuable skills.
  8. Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs): Local WIBs often provide youth-oriented programs and services, including job search assistance, career exploration, and internships.
  9. Junior Achievement: Junior Achievement offers a variety of programs that teach students financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and essential life skills to prepare them for successful careers.
  10. Apprenticeship Programs: Many trade organizations and unions offer apprenticeship programs that allow teenagers to learn skilled trades while earning a wage.
  11. College and Career Centers: High schools and community colleges often have career centers that provide guidance on college applications, career assessments, and job placement resources.
  12. Online Job Search Platforms: Websites like Indeed, LinkedIn, and Monster have sections dedicated to job listings and resources specifically designed for teenagers and young job seekers.
  13. Non-Profit Organizations: Numerous local and national non-profit organizations are committed to helping young people find employment and develop job readiness skills.

Teens looking to find their dream jobs should explore these organizations and resources to access the guidance, training, and support they need to achieve their career goals. Each organization offers unique programs and services to empower young individuals to pursue fulfilling and successful careers.

Youth Program Providers

If you are between the ages of 16 and 24, you may be able to find free job, career, and training assistance at a local youth program. Different programs offer different services, so try contacting a few programs to ask what kinds of assistance they offer.

Services may include:

  • Help finding a full-time, part-time, or summer job
  • Resume or job application assistance
  • Interview practice
  • Information on apprenticeships or internships
  • Community referrals for assistance with housing, health, or other concerns
  • Data includes organization names, address, contact information, website

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