About Hire Teen

Our Story

Founded in 2009, we discovered the fact that many teenagers had difficulty finding job vacancies. We all know that looking for a job can be very difficult – especially when we are teenagers.

That’s why we created hireteen.com, an online platform where teens ages 14-19 can find age-appropriate job openings such as lifeguard, sales associate, team member, and more.

About Us

We are a small team of people who created hireteen.com with the goal of making it easier for teens to find jobs they can apply for.

We have a curated list of companies that hire teens for specific job openings. We obtained this list by analyzing pages from the official websites of each company as well as from several online job boards.

On our teen job search page, we use our own algorithm to filter job vacancies from third-party online job boards to only display job vacancies that teens can apply for. There are also several job vacancies posted directly to our site – we accept free job postings.