About Hire Teen

What is this site about?

HireTeen.com is a reference site for youth employment in the United States.

In our website teenagers can find information about companies that hire teens by job category, minimum age, and state.

Since August 2009 we have been providing this information to teenagers to help them get a real job from real companies.

Starting from 2015 we have posted many job fairs for teenagers across the country and spread them through our social media.

How reliable is the information on this site?

We are not affiliated with a particular company and stand independently in providing information about youth employment.

The information provided in this site is gathered from discussion forums, search engines, wikis, discussion boards, social medias, and each company official career pages.

However, we do not guarantee that all of the information is correct, complete, comprehensive or current.

The information should not be considered comprehensive, and users MUST NOT rely solely upon this information to apply for a particular job.

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Is the information on this site applied to Non U.S.?

Unfortunately no. All the information provided on this website is only for U.S. teens.

If you are outside the U.S. you should find other resource for youth employment.

We recommend to find information from your official government websites.