Jobs for 12 Year Olds

jobs for 12 years old

According to the official website of the government’s youth employment, you can only do certain of jobs if you are under 14:

  • delivering newspapers (paperboy)
  • babysitting
  • movies, tv, radio or theater actor or performer
  • gathering evergreens and making evergreen wreaths as a homeworker
  • work at your own family business as long as it is not as listed as hazardous occupations

Paperboy, Delivering Newspaper

According to Herald & Review it is no longer the paperboy riding bicycle like the old days who deliver the newspaper today, but adults on their cars.

Babysitting Smaller Kids

Taking care of younger kids may be fun or the contrary, a disaster. You need to know basic knowledge about how to stay safe, how to handle with unwanted behaviors, what to do in case of emergency and how to choose age-appropriate activities. You can learn the skills from YouTube, blogs, or join babysitting training or lesson. The American Red Cross’ Babysitting & Child Care Training for example is designed for youth ages 11 and older to prepare them to be better babysitters.

Be An Actor or Performer

Justin Bieber’s mom posted his performance video on YouTube when he was 12, started when he sang for a local singing competition. It was actually for their family and friends to see. So why don’t you start uploading a video on YouTube about yourself doing something?

Gathering Evergreens and Making Wreaths

It’s making crafts, you gather flowers, leaves, fruits, twigs and other materials to make a house ornament or decoration. Then you sell them on eBay or Etsy using your parents’ account. Well actually, you can sell any things on eBay, just like how Nandry Guffey of rural Kentucky listed old Nintendo Game Station that she got at a yard sale for $10 on eBay auction and grossed over $100 when she was still 12.

Tutoring, Modelling, or Pet-Walking

If you care to animals, ask your local pet stores if you can help them. If you think you are smart and confident, you can ask your neighbors if their kids need private tutoring. Certain fashion companies might hire you as their model. Find modelling jobs for teens.

Online Jobs

It’s important to know that most job boards have age restrictions, so you won’t be able to apply jobs posted on the internet when you are under 14. However, there are still ways to explore work opportunities! You could start by looking for local jobs in your neighborhood suitable for your age. Additionally, if you are curious about working from home jobs, there are resources available to learn more about online jobs for teens.