Jobs for 14 Year Olds

jobs for 14 years old

Is There Really A Job for 14 Year Olds?

The Federal law states that 14 years of age can work but in a variety of non-manufacturing and non-hazardous jobs. It means you can work in retail, food service, or recreational park as long as the job you take is not prohibited. Here are some jobs that 14 year olds can apply:

  1. Grocery Clerk
    Job Duties: Unload product off of the truck to be stocked on shelves. Cashier duties include checking out customers and operating a POS (Point of Sale) system.
  2. Waitstaff
    Responsible for creating an enjoyable dining experience for residents and their guests.
  3. Team / Crew Member
    Greeting customers with a smile. Taking accurate food orders. Ensuring items are well stocked. Maintain restaurant cleanliness.
  4. Soccer Assistant Referee
    Under the direction of the Sports Director, the Soccer Assistant Official is responsible for the implementation of all league rules and by laws.
  5. Ski Instructor
    Dressing and undressing children for the outside ski program. Assist children to and from lesson areas. Implement good ski instruction to children.

The list does not stop here, there are still many other jobs for 14 year olds you can do such as sitter, gate guard, dining room server, and many other jobs.

How Many Hours Can A 14 Year Old Work?

According to The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), 14 is the minimum age which teenagers are allowed to work, but limited by work types and hours:

  • On a school day you may work outside school hours up to 3 hours per day and 18 hours per week, including Friday
  • When school is not in session you may work up to 8 hours per day and 40 hours per week
  • You may only work between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. (except from June 1st through Labor Day you can work until 9 p.m.)

Which Companies Hire 14 Year Olds?

Based on our research, here are some companies that usually hire 14 years old (different location may set different minimum age):

  • McDonald’s – Offers employment opportunities to students, with the proper working papers
  • Runza – Applicants will be selected solely on legitimate qualifications without regard to age
  • Family Express – Most positions are initially part-time
  • Chick-fil-A – Their restaurant owners began their careers with Chick-fil-A as high school team members

To find the complete list and current job openings for 14 years old, please use the following links below: