Jobs for 14 Year Olds: It’s Time To Get A Real Job!

Facts about jobs for 14 years old

  • Fourteen is the minimum age which teenagers are allowed to work as other older teens do, but limited by work types and hours. [1]
  • You may only work outside school hours and cannot work more than 3 hours on school day, including Friday.
  • Jobs for 14 year olds include retail occupations, magazine or newspaper delivery, racking leaves, food service such as washing, cleaning and limited cooking.
  • You may not work as lifeguard if you are still 14.

Jobs for 14 that you may not know exist

  • Bakery Clerk. Giant Eagle in certain cities allows 14 years old to apply as part time bakery clerk.
  • Games Attendant. If you can apply as a Games Attendant on Six Flags amusement park, other amusement parks may also accept your application.
  • Parking Attendant, Asst. Program Instructor, Food Service Attendant, Wait Staff, Personal Shopper.

Companies with most online job listings for age 14


  • Fareway Stores
  • Giant Eagle
  • Runza
  • YMCA of Greater Indianapolis
  • Six Flags

Find Jobs for 14 Year Olds

Many youth employment programs also starts from age 14. Usually these programs open their application 2-3 months before summer.

Find Youth Employment Programs now.


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