Jobs for 14 Year Olds

14-year-olds have actually been restricted in their job search. There are certain jobs that are not permitted because of state policies. There are also some jobs that have age limitations.

jobs for 14 year olds

What facts you should know about jobs for 14 years old

  • Fourteen is the minimum age which teenagers are allowed to work as other older teens do, but limited by work types and hours
  • You may only work outside school hours and cannot work more than 3 hours on school day, including Friday
  • Jobs for 14 year olds include retail occupations, magazine or newspaper delivery, racking leaves, food service such as washing, cleaning and limited cooking
  • You may not work as lifeguard if you are still 14

Jobs for 14 year olds that you may not know exist

  • Bakery Clerk in supermarkets such as Giant Eagle in certain cities
  • Games Attendant and Rental Attendant in amusement parks such as Six Flags or Seven Peaks
  • Parking Attendant, Asst. Program Instructor, Food Service Attendant, Wait Staff, Personal Shopper
  • Gate Attendant in most swimming pools
  • Store Organizer or Grocery Clerk in convenience stores such as Family Express or Fareway

But who hires a 14 years old?

Our team has worked hard to find the list and have put them into a database of companies hiring 14 year olds.

Need to know

Many youth employment programs also starts from age 14. Usually these programs open their application 2-3 months before summer.