Jobs for 14 Year Olds

jobs for 14 year olds

Are you looking for jobs for 14 years old but don’t know where to start or you have read many resources but cannot find anything?

That’s because you don’t know the secret of getting jobs under 16 years old.

We will tell you the secret, but you have to pay us $50 first!

We’re just kidding LOL

Here are the 3 secrets:

  1. You must know the facts about getting a job as 14 year old
  2. You must know what jobs you can do as a 14 years old
  3. You must know how to apply jobs as a 14 years old

Wait, but those things are not secrets? Of course they are not secrets, but we are telling you the truth: you may not get a job if you don’t know the 3 points above.

Keep on reading so that you will understand

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Jobs for 14 Years Old Facts

Many 14 years old do not know the following facts:

  • Fourteen is the minimum age which teenagers are allowed to work as other older teens do, but limited by work types and hours
  • You may only work outside school hours and no more than 3 hours on school day, including Friday
  • You may not work as lifeguard if you are still 14
  • Each state has different laws for 14 years old to work, such as work permit and work hours

Things to do: prepare your SSN, proof of age and how you would get work permit

Jobs 14 Year Olds Can Do

Often you read about first job ideas for 14 years old such as dog walking, tutoring, umpiring, etc – but do you know that you are permitted to work in retail occupations, magazine or newspaper delivery, racking leaves, food service such as washing, cleaning and limited cooking?

These are some jobs in certain companies that start hiring from 14:

  • Bakery Clerk in supermarkets such as Giant Eagle in certain cities
  • Games Attendant and Rental Attendant in amusement parks such as Six Flags or Seven Peaks
  • Parking Attendant, Asst. Program Instructor, Food Service Attendant, Wait Staff, Personal Shopper
  • Gate Attendant in most swimming pools
  • Store Organizer or Grocery Clerk in convenience stores such as Family Express or Fareway

Things to do: Make a list of job positions that you can apply.

How to Apply Jobs

As a start you can find out companies that hire 14 year olds, visit each company’s career page, find jobs you can apply and submit your resume.

Out of 25 job application you send, you probably only get 0-1 job interview calls. Therefore you need to apply to many jobs, either online or offline.

Many youth employment programs also starts from age 14. Usually these programs open their application 2-3 months before summer.

Things to do: Prepare your resume and send 5 job applications per day, which makes 35 per week.

Jobs for 14 Year Olds Now Hiring

As a bonus, here are jobs for 14 years old found from job boards.

Harvest Hill Waitstaff

Alice Peck Day Memorial Hospital - Lebanon, NH

Must be a minimum of fourteen (14) years of age; Must have the ability to push a sweeper and wipe the complete surface of a table....

6 hours ago

Sitter Needed For 1 Two Year Old In Mililani

Carecom - Mililani Town, HI

Prefer someone who is at least 14 years old with sitting experience. We are in need of a sitter for my 2-year-old granddaughter from 3/30p to 6/630p Monday...

6 hours ago

Internship Student

Catherine's Cupcakery - Yuma, AZ

Student intern will receive training in many different areas and pursue a skill set of ten job skills which will help intern to prepare for future employment...

1 day ago

Grocery Clerk

Fareway, Stores, Inc - Fort Dodge, IA

Must be at least 14 years old or older. Must be at least 14 years old or older to work in the grocery department....

2 weeks ago


McDonald's Franchisee - Somerset, NJ

The Gillis Organization McDonald's offers employment opportunities to students, with the proper working papers and a minimum age of 14 years old....

2 weeks ago