Jobs for 16 Year Olds

What you need to know if you are 16 and looking for a job?

As a 16-year-old teenager you can work without restrictions on working hours but there are some jobs that are classified as hazardous works that you should not be doing.

jobs for 16 year olds

How to get a job as a 16-year-old teenager

  • You should have a good resume to show that you have the ability and capability to compete with other job applicants. Learn more how to make a teen resume.
  • You should send many job applications, at least to 5 different employers every week. Do not send your application to the same employers, this will be irritating for the HR people.
  • Only apply for jobs that you can meet the requirements. If you can only work part time, do not apply for a full time job.

Who hires 16 years old?

Some companies who hire teens with minimum age of 16 are Harris Teeter, Cinemark, On The Border, Hallmark, and Red Lobster. Find more companies hiring 16 year olds

Need to know

You should have more chances to apply jobs when you are at least 16 years old since many companies set 16 as the minimum age requirement to work in their job posting ad.