Jobs for 16 Year Olds

jobs for 16 years old

Restrictions, Skills

As a 16-year-old teenager you can work without restrictions on working hours but there are some jobs that are classified as hazardous works that you should not be doing. First things first, you need to know what your best assets and skills are and put them in your resume.

Then, know what job is suited for your skills and make sure that you are interested in the work and duties you are applying for. This can be done by checking the job details such as compensation, benefits, work hours, and job duties. Browse newspapers ad, online career sites and visit stores to know any available positions.

Job Key Factors

  • You should have a good resume to show that you have the ability and capability to compete with other job applicants. Learn more how to make a teen resume.
  • You should send many job applications, at least to 5 different employers every week. Do not send your application to the same employers, this will be irritating for the HR people.
  • Only apply for jobs that you can meet the requirements. If you can only work part time, do not apply for a full time job.

Job Industry

There are more job openings for the age of 16 compared to the age below old as it is the passing stage for some adult responsibilities. This is also the reason why most companies like to hire teens at this age as they can manage more responsibilities and task. Here are some jobs you can do:

  • Food Industry
    Servers, Host/Hostess, crew members, bakers, cake decorator, cashiers, dishwashers are some of the positions in the food industry. Most restaurants seek teens that are aged 16 for these positions. Its duties include greeting customers, serving and preparing food, assisting with customer inquiries, and using kitchen equipment and many more.
  • Retail Industry
    Sales associate, booksellers, customer service representative, cashiers, merchandisers, and many more. This position requires having great communication skills and selling skills to help you interact with customers into buying a product. Most of these jobs can be found working in malls or boutiques.
  • Health Care Industry
    There are many hospitals that hire teens at age 16. They usually work as cashiers, pharmacy assistants, prescription clerks, CVS store clerks and many more. They are often guided and trained to work as they deal with health and wellness.
  • Business Services Industry
    Office Assistant, Receptionist, Data Clerk, Data Entry Assistant, Mail Clerk are some of the jobs that can be applied by 16-year-olds. Basic computer skills and math skills are needed for these positions.

Rights, Rules and Benefits

Like any other employee, 16 years are entitled to have their own rights and benefits when working for a company. Here are some things they should keep in mind:

Hours of Work
At 16 you may work unlimited hours.

Every employee is entitled to have a minimum wage. For 16-years-old, they might be paid a minimum wage of $4.25 an hour only during the first 90 consecutive calendar days. This is not limited to your first employer. Each time you change jobs, your new employer can pay you thisĀ youth minimum wage.

Work Permit
16 years old are considered as minors which means they need to obtain a work permit to be able to apply for a position from a company.

Who Hires 16 Years Old?

Some companies who hire teens with minimum age of 16 are Harris Teeter, Cinemark, On The Border, Hallmark, and Red Lobster. Of course not only the companies mentioned earlier that employ 16 years old teenagers. There are still many more companies that hire 16 year old, some companies even open vacancies all the time, even though there are no vacant positions.

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