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If you are a teenager looking for a job, what do you think are the most available jobs for a teenager like you? We know for a fact that there really isn't a best job for teens, because most of the jobs teens can apply for are entry-level. So, what job positions are really available for teenagers? We've been collecting that data for years and here are the results.

But, aren't all these job positions only available in restaurants or retail stores? Does this mean that teenagers can apply for jobs only in restaurants or retail stores? Indeed, restaurants and retail stores are the biggest contributors to teen jobs, but there are also many other industries that hire teens, just not as much as the restaurant and retail industry. Other job positions in question are as follows.

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Do I need a work permit to apply for a job? How do I get my work permit? Find the answer based on the state where you live right now.

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Learn about job hunting tips for teens: job search, resume for teens, job application, job interview, and how to maintain your job.

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