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How to Get Jobs for Teens

Find it out through the following list of job hunting questions:

Who is hiring teenagers?
companies hire teens
Here is the list of companies that hire teens - so far, there are 290 companies which hire teenagers in our record.
Can you help me find a job?
We help you find available jobs for teens. Find thousands jobs for teens aggregrated from many job boards or use the form below.

Is there a hiring event that I can attend?
See the complete list on our youth employment event calendar. Register for teen job fairs or enroll for SYEP in your city, if available.
What should I prepare to get a job as a teen?
In job tips for teenagers series, you can learn many things from how to make a resume for teens to job interviewing. You can also read the summary down below, for FREE!

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What if I cannot work regular day jobs?
Under 16 years old cannot work full-time jobs. Some of these part-time jobs usually have flexible timetable: modelling jobs, online jobs and volunteering jobs.