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Event Date Location
Niagara County Summer Youth Employment Program 2021 May 14 Niagara Falls, NY
Youth Employment Service 2021 Summer Jobs Program May 14 Ithaca, NY
2021 Garden 2 Market Internship May 14 Bronx, NY
2021 Summer Youth Internship Program May 14 Miami, FL
City of Camden 2021 Summer Youth Internship Program May 14 Camden, NJ

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Things working teens should know

What are possible first jobs for teens? Check out this list of jobs teenagers can get even without prior experience or special training.

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Learn about job hunting tips for teens: job search, resume for teens, job application, job interview, and how to maintain your job.

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Find out restriction to work as a teenager: working hours, job types, and legal stuffs that you need to know before applying for a job.

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