Jobs for Teens at Summer Camps

summer camps jobs for teens

Summer Camps Jobs for Teenagers

Being a teenager is difficult. With so many things to do, it can be tough to balance your life. However, if there is one thing that most teenagers think about, it is making some money. Although finding full-time employment might not be possible due to school, it is possible to work a summer camp job. It will provide you with valuable skills that will not only help you earn money but also boost your chances of getting into your desired college. This post takes a close look at the summer camp jobs for teenagers. So, what are you waiting for?

Summer Camps in the United States

According to the ACA (American Camp Association), there are over 5,000 day camps and 7,000 overnight camps in the United States. With more than 11 million kids and adults attending these camps every year, there are plenty of opportunities for teens who want to earn money and gain some experience. The camps employ over 1.5 million adults. Therefore, teens should have no trouble finding a summer camp to work at.

Types of Employment Available

When it comes to summer camp jobs for teenagers, there are many different positions that are available. It is important to note that some offer minimal pay, whereas, others are voluntary. Generally, you should expect the following types of employment at summer camps.

  • Kitchen Help: Provide help with cleaning dishes, preparing meals, and helping in the kitchen. It is the best option for teenagers wanting to study the culinary arts in future.
  • Camp Counsellor: The counsellor positions require one to be of a certain age and have received training. As a teen camp counsellor, you will plan and execute activities, and serve as the group leader.
  • Teacher: Finally, you can also work as a teacher. To become a teacher, you need to possess special skills in wilderness, arts, or athletics.

How to Find Summer Camp Jobs

The following tips will help you find summer camp jobs.

  • Inquire about Positions on the Camp’s Website: Every camp has an official website where you can inquire about support positions in the office, landscaping, or the kitchen. To find work as a counsellor, you need to be at least 17.
  • Work with Children to Gain Experience: To show that you are capable of working a summer camp job, you can gain some experience beforehand by working with children. You can help your school teacher, assist the coach, volunteer, tutor, or babysit.
  • Start the Job Search Early: Since summer camps hire early, there is no reason for you wait around. Start applying for jobs early for a higher chance of securing one.
  • Tap into Your Network: Camps tend to be run by coaches and teachers. This is why it is important that you make a good impression and ask them to refer you or hire you for the job.

Once you finish reading this post, you will know everything about summer camp jobs for teenagers. It is about time that you started applying.

Soccer Shots

Jobs for teens at Soccer Shots, a children’s soccer program that also focuses on character development by coaching and communicating. Minimum age to apply is 18 years old.

Skyhawks Sports Academy

Minimum age to apply jobs at Skyhawks is generally 18 years old. Skyhawks Sports Academy is currently looking for high school and college students who are interested in summer coaching opportunities.

Mile High Youth Corps

Jobs for teens at Mile High Youth Corps (youth conservation corps) in Colorado. Each summer and fall, 18-24 years old are hired for conservation work.

Galileo Camps

Summer jobs for 16, 17, 18 and 19 year old teenagers at Camp Galileo in California.

Useful Resources

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