Teen FAQ

How do I sign up to apply for a job?

You don’t need to sign up on this site. We only provide links to the hiring companies.

Job application should be processed in the website of the company you are applying for or you need to follow the guideline which is provided on each company review.

Where can I download the job application form?

Not all companies provide downloadable job application form.

Some companies may ask you to apply online or hand-in your resume directly to the manager of the outlet nearby.

Please read carefully of how to apply on each company review.

Where can I submit my resume?

You can post your resume directly to job ads posted by the employer on the links provided.

If the employer does not accept resume online we advise you to make a resume, print and hand it on to the store manager near your location.

How much should I be paid generally?

As a teenager, you may be paid as little as $4.25 per hour for the first 90 consecutive calendar days of your work.

This is not limited to your first employer.

Each time you change jobs, your new employer can pay you this youth minimum wage.

What is the minimum age to work in my state?

The minimum age to work varies in every state.

It is highly recommended that you need to know your state labor law before you search for jobs.

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Can you find me a job?

Unfortunately no.

We are not job agency or head hunter.

We don’t make a call or send an email to anyone for any job offer.

So please don’t send us email about your personal identity because we would ignore it.

What is Job Scams?

You’re looking for a way to earn money — not give it away.

But it can be awfully tempting to pay someone who promises you a job.

We don’t show your phone number, email or address on this site when you submitting a comment or review to avoid you from receiving job scams.

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What is Social Security Number (SSN)?

It is a number in the format 000-00-0000 which you need to apply for a job, collect Social Security benefits and receive some other government services.

Generally your parents should have applied for your SSN when applying for your baby’s birth certificate.

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Why can’t I take the IQ test?

If you see “Sorry, too many people taking this test at the moment” it means our server is too busy.

Taking the test will not be comfortable during this time because the site will load very slow.

Please try the IQ Test again after a couple of minutes.