Jobs for 19 Year Olds

jobs for 19 years old

Jobs That Hire at 19

When you turn 19, you’re finally a legal adult in the eyes of the law. You can vote, buy cigarettes and alcohol, and sign contracts. You’re also able to work full-time without any restrictions. Here are four examples of popular jobs that hire at 19 years old.

  • Server
    Waitstaff at restaurants and bars must be at least 19 years old in most states. This job is perfect for those who are outgoing and enjoy working with people.
  • Retail sales associate
    Many retail stores hire workers who are at least 19 years old. This job is perfect for those who love fashion and have an interest in customer service.
  • Grocery store clerk
    Most grocery stores hire workers who are at least 18 years old, but some may hire those who are just 19. This job is perfect for those who like to stay active and work with their hands.
  • Food Service Worker
    Another job that typically hires at 19 is food service. This can include positions such as cashiers, servers, and cooks in restaurants, cafeterias, and other food service establishments.

Being 19 usually means being out in the world. Even if you are still living with your parents, a typical 19-year old is working, going to college, or furthering their education in some way. What follows are the common questions for those who have turned 19 and searching for the best type of job.

Can A 19-Year Old Work Full-time?

Yes. Being 19 means that you can work a full-time job if you desire. Whether working full time is right for you is another matter. But there are no laws that restrict you in finding full time work. In fact, many who are 19 years old are working full time in the U.S. right now.

Is Work Experience Necessary for A 19-Year Old?

That depends on the type of work that is being performed. Obviously, work that requires previous experience or certain qualifications means that you will need some type of background in order to get the job. However, there are many jobs available to a 19-year old that does not require any prior work experience.

10 Most Available Jobs for 19 Year Olds

The followings are most common job positions available for 19-year-olds.

Most Hiring 19

Murphy USA

Murphy USA

Energy & Utilities

Bob Evans

Casual Restaurants


Logistics & Supply Chain


Restaurants & Cafes
Fred Meyer

Fred Meyer

General Merchandise & Superstores


Building & Personnel Services

Places That Hire at 19

Companies 1-20 of 2,313

Company Industry
Citi Investment & Asset Management
CalArk Taxi & Car Services
Behavioral Health Resources Health Care Services & Hospitals
Airport Equipment Rental Department, Clothing, & Shoe Stores
NCR Enterprise Software & Network Solutions
Insight Enterprise Software & Network Solutions
Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy Civic & Social Services
Save the Family Civic & Social Services
Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority Taxi & Car Services
Green Thumb Construction
Shared Medical Services Health Care Services & Hospitals
Verbal Behavior Associates Education & Training Services
Terracon Architectural & Engineering Services
TMX Finance Family of Companies Banking & Lending
Family Development Services Preschools & Child Care Services
Autism Learning Partners Health Care Services & Hospitals
Master Builder Camp K-12 Education
Gads Hill Center Industrial Manufacturing
Butler Medical Transport Health Care Services & Hospitals
Breakthru Beverage Group Wholesale

Most Cities Hiring at 19

  • Houston, TX
  • Columbus, OH
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Dallas, TX
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Las Vegas, NV
  • Springfield, OH
  • Charlotte, NC
  • Chicago, IL
  • Portland, OR