Modelling Jobs for Teenagers

modelling jobs for teenagers

Modeling Jobs for Teens

Being a teen is never easy. With less financial freedom, it can be difficult to satisfy your desires. As your pocket money is likely to a lot less than what you would want, it might be best to take up a job. One of the most highly rewarding jobs that teens can take up is modeling. If you have a passion for the runway or enjoy looking good, it might just be the perfect fit for you. To help you better understand what to expect from the job, this post shares all the information that you need.

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What Does A Model Do?

As a model, there are a lot of things that you will need to do.

  • Promote products in a wide variety of commercials.
  • Pose in front of photographers for pictures of you wearing or using the product.
  • Display clothing like suits, swimwear, coats, and dresses for different types of audiences.
  • Display accessories like jewelry, shoes, and handbags.
  • Promote beauty products such as cosmetics and fragrances.
  • Work with clothing stylists, makeup artists, photographers, and clients to achieve the desired look.
  • Walk runway fashion shows wearing designer clothing.
  • Create a portfolio of work and maintain it.
  • Travel to meet potential clients and for castings.
  • Be involved research of the promoted product.

Work Environment

Before you decide to take up a career as a model, it is important to have an idea about the work environment. As a model, you will need to work in different conditions, from runway fashion shows to indoor studios and outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. As the work schedule tends to be unpredictable, many model work part-time. There are also periods of unemployment that you need to keep in mind.

According to various statistics, it was found that the median hourly rate for a model was $13.60 back in 2019. Expect to take home around $28,400 a year working as a model.

How to Become a Model?

The best thing about becoming a model is that there are no strict requirements. Since clients are always looking for a fresh face, you should have no trouble finding work as long as you meet the general requirements. The requirements are set by the client.

If you want to become a model, you do not need to stress about any formal education. The only requirement you need to meet is being of a certain height, weight, and clothing size. The advertisers, photographers, and fashion designers will decide if you are the right fit for the work or not.

There are certain aspiring models that attend modeling school to learn how to pose, walk, and apply makeup, and so on. Although it is not necessary to join such a school, we recommend you join one. Try online modelling class at Model Palooza starts from $9.99/month

Teens today look up to Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid hoping to take their place. If you meet the requirements above, you can contact your nearest modeling agency for a casting. You might just get lucky and become a supermodel.

How to Start Teen Modelling Job

To be a model you must join a modeling agency or submit your photo to clothing retailers.

Clothing Stores Accepting Teen Models

Abercrombie & Fitch / Hollister

The minimum age requirement for Abercrombie Kids models is 13, however they are known to hire older teen models who look younger, but the general age of Abercrombie Kid models is 13-17.

If you are interested in becoming a model for Abercrombie & Fitch or Abercrombie Kids, please email your name, city, and photos to [email protected]

You can also send email to [email protected] or [email protected] with your full name, phone number, measurements (height, bust, waist, hip), full-length picture of yourself in fitted jeans and t-shirt.


Fit models under the age of 14 must have parent/legal guardian present at all times during fit sessions. You will not be appearing in any advertisements. No previous modeling experience is necessary.

You must complete questionnaire and if you meet their requirements someone will be in contact with you. For information about being a fit model at Menomonee Falls corporate office, click one of these links:

Modelling Agencies for Teenagers

Neal Hamil Agency
Neal Hamil Agency is a full-service agency with divisions including fashion, runway, commercial print, broadcast, fitness, plus-size and children. Founded in 1984, and based in Houston, some Neal Hamil’s models have been the covers of Vogue, GQ, Details and Marie Claire.

Wilhelmina Kids & Teens
Wilhelmina Kids & Teens is a professional modeling agency based in New York which represents newborns through teens for modeling and acting.

Elite Model
Elite Models Management is a chain modeling agency from Paris and expanded to New York in 1977. They only accept only accepts female submissions between the ages of 14-24 (Miami), ages of 14-21 (Los Angeles). If below ages 15 you need your parents’ consent.

Future Faces NY
Future Faces is kids division of Nina Lubarda Model Management that represents children and young adults.

Next Management
Founded in 1989 and headquartered in New York with divisions in Los Angeles and Miami in the United States.

Other Modelling Agencies

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International Modeling and Talent
Look Model
Mary Therese
Scout Model & Talent
Select Model
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