Job Interview Tips for Teens

job interview tips for teens

Actually there is no formula for successful job interview. The right thing is how to make it memorable for the interviewer so that your resume will be taken into consideration for admission to employment. If you get a call for a job interview, it might be you already have a perfect resume for teens. The following advice is a key to the success of your job interview.

Don’t Be Late!

The very most important thing is to be on time! If you are coming late, no matter how prepared you are, you have already left a bad impression to the interviewer and they might not give you a chance. You must arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier so make sure you know how to get the location in the right time. Try to go to that place a few days earlier at the same time to ensure you are able to arrive on time on the interview day.

Be Prepared

There are many things that you should prepare before the interview and the most important one is your outfit.

What you should wear

It is not only about what you should NOT wear (jeans, t-shirt, tank tops, or mini skirt) but also whether the clothes are ready to wear on D-Day. Body piercing or tattoos must be removed or hidden as well.

What you should bring

You should bring your resume, references, SSN card, driving license. Note pad and pen might not necessary as nowadays things can be kept on smartphone apps easily.

What you should know

Get to know the company profile and the job description from Wikipedia or the company’s website. This will help you answer the interview questions such as “Why do you want to work here?” – Find out general Teen Job Interview Questions.

Be Confident

During the interview, you should silence your mobile phone, even though you have the latest phone which everyone shows off. Don’t chew gums or candy. Tell your previous works including babysitting, lawn mowing, or volunteering. These work experiences are valuable for you.

If you have no work experiences, tell them about your school projects or extracurricular activities which demonstrate your thinking and organizational skill, team working, and responsibility. Talk less about things which may not related to the job such as your childhood or your family tree.

Behave yourself, speak formally, make eye contact, and let the interviewer know why you are the right candidate for the job. Imagine yourself already an employee of the company.

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