Keeping Your Job

keeping your job

A job that make you happy is not easy to find and if you’ve got one you may want to keep it. Here are 8 work etiquettes you need to keep your job.

1. Punctuality – How you manage your time

Always be on time for work, meetings or after breaks. If you are to be late or absent, you must tell or call in your supervisor or manager right away. If you need to leave work early, you need to get permission first.

2. Professional Look – How you dress appropriately

The way you dress, from head to toe, is actually a reflection of the company. It also determines how your supervisor, co-worker and customers view about you. Nose rings, heavy tattoos and low-cut tank tops are generally not acceptable at work.

3. Productivity – How best you will do the job

Any jobs you are doing actually is part of a team work, even it is a boring job or not written in your job description – that’s what they pay you for and the works you do affects the work others on the team. Focus on the job and silent your phone – you can see what’s happening on Facebook, Snapchat or YouTube during break and even after work. Be initiative to keep on busy even though your supervisor is not around, you’ll be amazed of so many things you can learn from other people at work.

4. Courtesy – How you should interact with others

Swearing, street language, foul language or locker room language should not take place in the work place. Avoid backstabbing, office gossip, and spreading rumors. Stay positive and do not complain about your job, your supervisor or anything about your company or the customers, even to your family or close friends, and worse if you write it on your social media status.

5. Privacy – How you can keep secret private information

Never ask anyone about they pay neither tell anyone about your pay. Never share any personal information taken from your company to anyone. Keep you personal life at work, don’t bring your personal problems to work.

6. Honesty – How to show that you can be trusted

Never steal from the company, it’s not only money but it can also be the stuffs at the office that are not yours. Avoid hiding your mistakes, tell your supervisors about them, take responsibility of what you’ve done wrong and learn how to avoid or fix them. Don’t defend yourself or even your co-workers who made mistakes at work. Tell the truth of what was happening objectively, of what you saw or heard, and not of what you think it might be.

7. Comprehension – How you can follow directions

Never be afraid to ask questions if you are not sure of what is being instructed. Take notes and repeat them to your supervisor to synchronize the given task. If you are still unsure while working the task, stop and ask again your supervisor.

8. Open-Mindedness – Willingness to take criticism or new ideas

Keep in mind that it is your work which is being criticized, and not your self personally. Take notes and learn from the critics to make you more productive and show a better performance. If you want to be a better person, swallow your pride and sincerely thank your critic.

This article is part 6 of Job Tips for Teens series.