Summer Jobs

How to Get A Summer Job for Teenagers?

That is the big question you would probably ask to anyone during summer.

You might have read articles which have a list of ten to hundreds summer job ideas for teenagers such as babysitting, petsitting, dishwasher, camp counselor, lifeguard, tutoring and so many others which sounds to be an unending list.

However, the big question mentioned previously was not what are the summer jobs I can do but how do I get those summer jobs?

Ways of Getting A Summer Job or Any Jobs

There are 3 ways for everyone in getting a job.

First: Through Search Engine

An article from University of Washington has one of the answers to this question.

It tells you to search the internet by typing using certain keyword pattern.

Typing (your city) teen employment, e.g. new york teen employment will show your the result of many teen employment programs in New York.

This keyword pattern can also be diversified with other keywords such as youth employment, internship programs, and many other related keywords.

You can automate this search engine result by using tools such as Google Alert.

Second: Through Websites and Social Media

The second answer is by exploring and following websites and social media profiles which are dedicated to teen employment.

Teen.Careers, a vertical job search engine which can help you find jobs for teens.

See also the list of Youth Employment Programs which we have put in our event calendar.

Third: Through Communities

You can find everything on the internet, but not everything happens on the internet.

Do not rely solely on the internet to get summer jobs.

Find youth employment services in your city, contact and ask them about youth employment programs they provide, it can be from the government or private companies.

It would be much better if you can meet them in the office face to face. This shows that you are truly having a strong intention to get hired.

What You Need To Know

Please keep in mind that many of Summer Youth Employment Programs start their enrollment in the early year, usually it is from January to April.

There are also employment limitations to certain ages according to the Federal and State Laws to apply for summer jobs.

Please be aware of job scams, double check the information given before you send your application.

No job listing are guaranteed 100% free from job scam.