Job Tips for Teenagers

This is a short course aimed at getting teenagers to prepare for their careers well.

job tips for teens

At the end of this study we expect you have learned:

  • how to have mature attitudes toward work
  • how to have the proper skills to prepare a resume and references
  • to understand underage employment
  • the importance of proper use of social media
  • how to search for potential careers and research available positions
  • how to prepare for job interview process
  • how to keep your job safe
  • how to balance school with work and personal time
  • how to recover after a negative experience at work

Tips 1: Getting Ready

Start here to find out if you are ready to pursue a career, learn how to make a resume, and understand child labor law.

Tips 2: Getting the Job

Learn more about job hunting tips, how to fill out job applications, and how to be prepared for a job interview.

Tips 3: Keeping the Job

Getting a job is not the ultimate goal itself. Learn more how to keep your job safe, how to deal with bad attitude, and how to work cooperatively with your team.

Tips 4: Balancing Life

Your career journey does not stop here. You still need to pursue your education for a better career.

Tips 5: Being A Self-Employed

If you are planning to be a self-employed, you can skip the above 4 tips and get in to this tips right away.