Job Search for Teens

teen job search

How To Get A Job

That is the big question teenagers would probably ask to anyone during summer or any season when they are eager to work. You might have read articles which have a list of ten to hundreds summer job ideas for teenagers such as babysitting, pet-sitting, dishwasher, camp counselor, lifeguard, tutoring and so many others which sounds to be an unending list.

Steps in Getting A Job

Here are 7 ways for teenagers to get a job:

  1. Apply to job listings/openings
  2. Fill in job interest form of the companies you are interested in
  3. Attend career events such as job fairs or employment workshops
  4. Register for youth employment programs
  5. Ask hiring managers directly and hand in your resume
  6. Promote your resume on employment websites

Find Jobs Online

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Unlike the times before the internet, now you can find job listing, job fairs, or youth employment programs right from your hand. In order to find employment opportunities such as job listing, job fairs, youth employment programs you need right research skill and good social networking. University of Washington explains how to search job on the internet by using certain keyword patterns on search engine.

In Google for example, typing (your city) teen employment, e.g. new york teen employment will show your the result of many teen employment programs in New York. This keyword pattern can also be diversified with other keywords such as youth employment, internship programs, and many other related keywords. You can automate this Google result by using Google Alert. You can also find employment opportunities from your social media. For example, search on X (formerly Twitter) with hashtag #youthjobs

Job Interest Form

Some companies have job interest form on their website. When you fill in that form, your information may be kept for certain number of weeks or months. So actually you submit your resume to the company even though there was no job opening yet. Once there is a job vacancy, they will review the resumes that have been submitted through the Interest Form.

Find Jobs Offline

You can find everything on the internet, but not everything happens on the internet. Do not rely solely on the internet to get jobs. Find youth employment services in your city, contact and ask them about youth employment programs they provide, it can be from the local government or organizations.

You can also walk around a few blocks from your house while carrying your resume and ask the store manager you passed if they need additional workers. Give your resume to them because they may need more people to work in their store unexpectedly. It would be much better if you can meet them in the office face to face. This shows that you are truly having a strong intention to get hired.

Important Notes

  • Please keep in mind that many of summer youth employment programs or SYEP start their enrollment in the early year, usually it is from January to April.
  • There are also employment limitations to certain ages according to the federal and state laws to apply for summer jobs – Read Child Labor Law
  • Be aware of Job Scams, double check the information given before you send your application

Awesome, you have read part 4 of 6 Job Hunting Tips for Teens, next part is Job Interview Tips for Teens (Part 5: 400 words – less than 5 minutes reading).