Employers FAQ

How is the employment information collected?

We gather employment information by having a research through your company career page, job listings which your company posted on job boards, and also your social media channels.

How to correct information about employment in our company?

If you find incorrect information regarding your company employment facts and links, please contact us with subject “Data Correction”.

How to completely remove our company?

We are sorry to hear that question. There are many talented teenagers visiting this website and they might be your potential candidates.

However, if you still want your company to be removed from our website, please contact us with subject “Remove Company”.

How to report copyright issue on this site?

We used images which were labeled for commercial reuse with modification.

However if you want to take down your web property, you can contact us with subject “Copyright Issue”.

How to contact us?

Please send us email to support@hireteen.com from your company’s email.

How do I post a job on this site?

We no longer accept job post submission on this site. We encourage you to post a job on Indeed as one of the largest job site.