Employers FAQ

employers faq

How My Company is Listed Here?

You may wonder why your company is listed on this site even though your company has never contacted us before. Our computer algorithms analyse all job openings your company posted on various job boards and found that some of those jobs could be applied by teenagers looking for work. We also do manual research on your company’s career page to ensure the accuracy of the data.

How to Report Incorrect Information?

Even though our data is updated regularly there might be outdated or misleading information so if you find incorrect information or links regarding your company, please let us know by contacting us.

How to Remove My Company?

If you want your company to be removed completely from our list, feel free to contact us so we can delete your company from our list. Please note that job postings on page www.hireteen.com/jobs/ are retrieved from third party service or user submission. We cannot remove job postings from third party.

How to Add My Company?

If you want your company to be included in our list of companies that hire teens, please send us information about your company, job positions teens can apply in your company, minimum age and job description for each job position, and how to apply.

How to Post A Job?

Job postings are totally free without any other cost. When you contact us please use your company official email address to verify that you are indeed part of the company. We have the right to approve or deny your job vacancy if they seem suspicious. Please copy and send us the following to [email protected]

  • Company name
  • Job title
  • Job type (one-time/part-time/full-time/remote/internship)
  • Job description
  • Job requirement
  • Job location (address, zip)
  • How to apply (hyperlink, email, address)
  • Minimum age
  • Work hours, work days
  • Salary (per hour/per one-time/per event)
  • Felony or conviction friendly (yes/no)
  • Drug test (yes/no)
  • Driver license (yes/no)
  • Minimum education (still in high school, high school graduate, some college, associate degree, bachelor’s degree)
  • Previous work experience (yes/no)

Do Teenagers Post Résumé Here?

No. This site is not allowing teenagers to submit their resumes.