Employers FAQ

employers faq

Why my company is listed here?

You may wonder why your company is being listed on this site. As a website which provides list of Companies that Hire Teens, we gather employment information by conducting certain research through your company career page, job listings which your company posted on job boards, and also your social media accounts. Through this way we conclude that your company does hire teenagers.

How if I found incorrect statements?

Even though our data is updated regularly there might be outdated or misleading information so if you find incorrect information or links regarding your company employment, please let us know.

How to remove my company?

If you want your company to be removed completely from our list (probably because you received too many teen applications currently), feel free to contact us so we can delete your company from our list. Please note that we use third party service that may show job postings which teenagers can apply (if they are any) and we are not in control of those search results.

How to post a job?

Unfortunately, we stop accepting job posting submission at the moment.

How to contact Hire Teen?

Please visit our Contact Page