Employers FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions for Employers

  1. What is hireteen.com?
    Hireteen.com is an online platform designed to connect employers with teenage job seekers. It offers a user-friendly interface to post job listings.
  2. How to post a job on hireteen.com?
    Posting job opportunities on our platform is completely free of charge. You can learn more about how to post a job by visiting Free Job Posting.
  3. What types of jobs can I post on hireteen.com?
    You can post a wide range of job types suitable for teenagers, such as part-time, seasonal, internship, or entry-level positions. Examples include retail, food service, office assistant, and more.
  4. How is my company listed here?
    You may be curious about why your company is listed on our site, even if you haven’t directly contacted us before. We utilize computer algorithms to carefully scan all the job postings your company has placed on various job boards. Our goal is to identify job opportunities suitable for teenagers seeking employment. Additionally, we conduct manual research on your company’s career page to ensure the accuracy of the information we present.
  5. How to report incorrect information?
    Despite our regular data updates, there is a possibility of outdated or inaccurate information. If you come across any inconsistencies or misleading links associated with your company, please don’t hesitate to inform us by reaching out.
  6. How to remove my company?
    If you wish to have your company entirely removed from our listings, please contact us, and we will promptly eliminate your company from our records. It’s important to note that job postings on our page at www.hireteen.com/jobs/ are sourced from third-party services or user submissions, and we cannot remove job postings from these third parties.
  7. How to add my company?
    If you’d like to include your company in our list of organizations that hire teenagers, please provide us with information about your company. This should include details on job positions available for teens, the minimum age required for each job, job descriptions, and application procedures.
  8. How to find teen resume on hireteen.com?
    Hireteen.com does not allow teenagers to submit their resumes. Our focus is on connecting teenagers with job opportunities and providing them with the information they need to apply for jobs effectively.