First Jobs for Teens

first jobs for teens

Why You Need to Learn About First Jobs for Teens?

Sometimes teen does not understand the nature of the first job they are applying or working for. This lack of understanding often makes many teenagers feel pessimist with the application, and often even revile it just because of their lack of ability or knowledge about the job. To prevent this from happening, it’s a good idea for teens to learn the job they want to apply for first. Here are some first jobs for teens and how the work should be done.

  • Team Member
    Team Member might be the best first job for you to learn working as a team.

Food Service

  • Baker
    Baker is one of the key job positions in the food industry. Generally you can be a baker when you’re 16 years old. Learn more how to find baker jobs a teen.
  • Bartender
    Learn more about bartender job – things you do on the job & common job requirements. You must be at least 18 years old. Find companies hiring bartender now.
  • Cook
    Cook is probably the most important job in every restaurant. Usually you must be able to work at evenings and weekends when working as a cook.
  • Dishwasher
    Dishwasher is a job in the food service which relies largely on physical strength. You will work in the kitchen cleaning up dishes and kitchen utensils.
  • Delivery Driver
    If you have a driving license, then you can consider working as a delivery driver. Learn more how to be part of those speedy crews.
  • Food Preparation Worker
    This kitchen work generally requires no formal education or previous work experiences, your task is only to clean and prepare the ingredients.
  • Waiter or Waitress
    High-end restaurants may prefer waiters and waitresses with high school diploma and experience in the field, but generally no formal educational required.


  • Cashier
    Cashier is one of the ancient jobs that would be replaced by robot in the future, well not in all areas. Learn more how to find a cashier job as a teenager.
  • Counter and Rental Clerk
    You must be at least 16 years old to become a counter and rental clerk. This is an easy job for teenagers to work since there is no formal education required.
  • Grocery Clerk
    This is probably one of the easiest jobs that teenagers can do but yet would be replaced by robots very soon in the future.
  • Sales Associate
    The main task of the salesperson is to produce sales. You will not be able to sell well if you do not really understand the product you are selling.


  • Lifeguard
    Being part of the first rescue team in the water seems like a cool job, but actually this job has a lot of risks, regarding the safety of one’s life.
  • Package Handler
    Do you know Road Runner? This Looney Tunes character seems match this kind of job. A package handler is also known as a courier.
  • Parking Lot Attendant
    The parking attendant’s job may look easy, but it requires driving skills to do it well. So a good driver’s license and driving record are needed.
  • Roofer
    Do you know that roofers learn on the job? Some may enter the occupation through an apprenticeship program since there is no specific education required.
  • Amusement and Recreation Attendant
    Some amusement parks (Six Flags, Seven Peaks, Dorney Parks) hires 14 year olds teenagers for seasonal jobs in the summer.


  • Automotive Technician
    Teenagers working as an automotive mechanic or technician? Why not? Find out how 16 years old teens can work as a mechanic – yup, you must be at least 16.
  • Brickmason
    Can a teenager work as a brickmason? Yes, but most masonry jobs are on full-time basis. Learn more how to find brickmason jobs as a teenager.
  • Childcare Worker
    Babysitting is one of the most jobs teens mostly do. It is relatively easy, flexible and usually paid cash in hand. Learn more how to be a childcare worker.
  • Construction Laborer
    Handyman usually works full-time job and mostly do physical labor. Generally you must be at least 18 years old to be a construction worker.
  • Model
    Modelling is all about fashion and style. It will be easier to get a modelling job if you join a modelling agency.
  • Usher
    Usher is the most cinema job a teenager can apply for. But not only in movie theaters, we often see ushers in many events and concerts.