Jobs Teenagers Can Get

jobs teens can get

What Jobs Teen Can Get?

Teenagers like you can apply jobs with or without minimum education requirement of high school diploma / GED such as the followings:

Cook, Grill Cook, Line Cook
Crew Member, Team Member, Sales Associate, Bagger
Food Preparation Worker, Deli Clerk, Dietary Aide, Prep Cook
Food Server, Server, Waiter, Waitress, Bus Boy
Dish Machine Operator, Dish Room Worker, Dishwasher, Kitchen Steward
Barista, Bartender
Greeter, Hospitality Coordinator, Host, Hostess
Aquarist, Dog Groomer, Groomer, Kennel Attendant
Recreation Attendant, Ride Operator, Service Representative, Ski Lift Operator
Cashier, Checker, Clerk, Counter Clerk, Customer Service Representative
Art Model, Artist’s Model, Figure Model, Model
Delivery Driver

Best Jobs for Teens

If you are asking kinds of jobs suited to your personality, then take some of these FREE tests.

But the fact is that by taking the tests above it does not mean that you can get the job, especially if you are getting your first job as a teenager. The reason for this is because as a teenager you are limited to work in terms of working hours and job types, read more about teen labor law to know the limits and prohibition.

So, the best first job for you as a teenager should match these criteria:

  1. You can arrive at work easily

    Working miles away from home might not be a good idea, except if you have driver’s license or have someone drive you there.

  2. You can balance school and work

    Working more than 15 hours a week may cause failing school grades. Find employer which is flexible with your schedule.

  3. You can use your talents and skills

    Although this is not necessary, it will make it easier for you to work because you must be confident enough.

Awesome, you have read part 2 of 6 Job Hunting Tips for Teens, next part is Resume for Teens (Part 3: 530 words – less than 10 minutes reading).