About the job: Models are those who pose for artists, photographers, to showcase a product where these are clothes, food, products, and cosmetics. They can be fitting models or promote products of clients on public places.

Where will you work: Models work at indoor or outdoor studios, runway fashion show venues, and other areas where the photos or videos will be taken.

What will you do: Basically, models have the following jobs:

  • Promote the services or products in various modes of communication such as print, television, or Internet ads
  • Wear clothes being advertised on events or during fashion shows
  • During events, conventions, or shows, they represent on behalf of the company
  • Pose for various types of visual ads
  • Coordinate with the clients, photographers, ad agency, hair or makeup artists in order to achieve the needed look for the shoot
  • Make and keep a portfolio
  • Meet and interview prospective clients

How to Become a Model: Because this job is a high competition, being enrolled in a modeling agency or company boosts one’s possibility of being chosen. Of course, being able to pose and walk accordingly is an advantage.

Job skills / requirements: Usually, the selling point of models are their height, figure, and face. Aside from these, the following are the skills need in becoming a model:

  • Interpersonal skills or people skills
  • Organizational skills
  • Style
  • Projection

Industry: fashion

Minimum age: The minimum age is 16 years old.

Expected wage: The pay is roughly $11.43 per hour

Similar name: endorser, attendant, studio model, print ad model, undraped artist model, art class model, fashion model

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