About the job: The overall employment of Ushers, Lobby attendants, and Ticket Takers is projected to grow 7 percent, which is as fast as average for all occupations. The demand is a very good opportunity and should result in good job prospects for workers that are qualified for the job. In 2016, roughly 117,000 were employed by this industry.

Where will you work: Anyone who is interested in this job works at functions, concerts, events and other entertainment establishments.

What will you do: Employees of this job assists patrons at entertainment events by doing various tasks, such as selling and collecting admission tickets and passes from patrons, helping them in finding seats, settling the issues on seats, checking the tickets for verification purposes, looking for lost articles, and locating such facilities a rest rooms and telephones. You will also greet the guests, clean the area as well.

How to become Ushers, Lobby attendants, and Ticket Takers: There is no requirement for a formal education in this job and on-the-job training is minimal.

Job skills/requirements:

  • Exceptional Customer Service Skills is one of the requirement in this kind of job. This means that the applicant speaks with clarity
  • Duties and responsibilities may sometimes go beyond what is indicated in the job description depending on the customer’s need.
  • Should be outgoing, friendly and has people skills, a team player with a great attitude.
  • With clear vision.

Industry: Entertainment, Customer Service, Recreational Events

Minimum age: Generally 16+

Expected wage: $11.35 per hour

Similar name: Events place customer service assistant, Attendant; Visitor Services Representatives, Visitor Services Specialist, Event Staff

Related jobs: Cashier, Counter Attendants, Food Concessionaire

O-NET Online Reference
39-3031.00 – Ushers, Lobby Attendants, and Ticket Takers

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