Food Preparation Worker

About the job: In this job, anyone can work even without any related or past work experiences. Also, no formal education is needed for this work. Anyone who wants to work in this position just need a short-term on-the-job training that usually lasts for several weeks. According to experts, the median hourly wage for food preparation worker is $11.41 as of May 2018 and is projected to grow 8 percent from 2016 to 2026.

Where will you work: Food preparation workers can work at restaurants, cafeterias, fast food, food and beverage stores, establishments with special food services.

What will you do: Under the supervision of the cook, chefs, food service managers, food preparation workers may do any of the following responsibilities:

  • Prepare the ingredients and operate the needed equipment, and instruments for cooking
  • Cook, mix food and prepare drinks
  • Store food, cooking ingredients, and cooking equipment
  • Stock food supplies and unload supplies being delivered
  • Clean and sanitize the cooking equipment, the utensils, and the cooking and the eating place.

This job also requires prolonged standing up for the long period of time while cleaning and preparing the ingredients.

How to Become a Food Preparation Worker: No formal education is needed for this job; likewise, previous work experience is not a required, but is an edge. Because it does not need any related education or work experience, weeks of food service training is expected.

Job skills / requirements: Food preparation workers are required to pass the food service training/s provided by the company. Also, the person should be capable of carrying heavy objects such as food ingredients and food equipment.

Industry: Food service

Minimum age: The minimum age is 16, but for some places that serve beer or alcohol, the starting is 18 years old.

Expected wage: Since May 2018, the rate per hour of special food services is $11.95; for food and beverage stores, the same which is $11.59; for food preparation in line with healthcare and social assistance is $11.56; and for restaurants and other places where people eat is $11.08.

Similar name: Food Preparation and Serving Related Workers; Fast Food Crew; Restaurant Crew

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