Waiter or Waitress

About the job: Waiters or Waitresses are restaurant or any dining facility server. They serve food to the customers. This job requires shorter training compared to other jobs. Also, it has many part-time job offers, so you can choose to work at morning or at night.

Where will you work: Waiters or Waitresses usually work in restaurant and other areas or places where food is being served.

What will you do: More often than not, the following are the responsibilities of waiters and waitresses:

  • Greet guests, assist the customers to their tables, provide the menu, and explain the best food offered by the establishment
  • Assist the customers with regard to choosing food
  • Take the order
  • Inform the kitchen staff about the order
  • Prepare the drink and serve the food and drink to the customer
  • Clean the table
  • Collect the payment from the customer
  • Prepare dining areas
  • Oversee the needed condiments

How to Become a Waiter or Waitress: No formal education required generally. Some states require you to have food handler card or certification.

Job skills / requirements: In order to become a good waiter, you should be:

  • Healthy and strong as the job requires carrying trays with food and drink
  • Alert in terms of the needs and other things that are going on in the restaurant
  • Particular with details

Industry: food service

Minimum age: The minimum age is 16 or 18 years old.

Expected wage: The pay is roughly $10.47 per hour

Similar name: service crew, food server

Related jobs: bartender, cashiers, flight attendant, food service managers, food and beverage serving and related workers, food service managers, retail sales workers

O-NET Online Reference
35-3031.00 – Waiters and Waitresses

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