About the job: Bartenders serve as the life of the party for the drink they serve. Employment of bartenders grow by 2 percent. This type of job is fun as it lets anyone who work as a bartender knowledgeable in the various drinks as they are being trained to know all sorts of drinks to be offered to the customers.

Where will you work: Bartenders work at clubs, bars, hotels, restaurants, and other places where alcoholic drinks are being offered.

What will you do: Being a bartender lets one do the following tasks:

  • Greet and welcome the customers
  • Ensure that those who will order, and drink alcohol are at legal age
  • Offer the menu and suggest drinks for the customers
  • Take the orders
  • Mix drinks based on the recipes
  • Serve drinks and beverages
  • Clean bars, tables, and entire work space
  • Collect payment from customers and return their change
  • Make sure that the bar or the establishment has enough bar needs and drink
  • Oversee the intoxication of the customers
  • Fill drink ordered by customers

How to Become a Bartender: No formal education is required to this job, but Usually, bartenders are given weeks of training by the seasoned bartenders.

Job skills / requirements: Although no formal education is needed, attending a school for bartender or by attending bartender classes at a vocational or technical school is an advantage. Also, the job requires bartenders to be more than 18 years. Also, someone should possess the following characteristics:

  • Communication skills – In order to listen to the customers’ order and explain the drink and the food items. Also the can suggest what drink the customers can order.
  • Customer-service skills – To ensure that the customers will visit the establishment again
  • Physical strength – To endure standing for long hours and to walk from time to time in the bar and lift cases of liquors and other supplies
  • Decision-making skills – Decide whether or not to give drinks to customers and adjust the alcohol content of the drinks
  • Sales and Marketing – Strategize how to sell drinks and help in boosting the sales.

Industry: Food service; hospitality management

Minimum age: The minimum age to work is 18, but older than 18 is deemed acceptable for the minimum age for work in this area.

Expected wage: The pay per months is roughly $10.84 per hour.

Similar name: Mixologist

Related jobs: Flight attendant, Food and Beverage Serving and Related Workers, Food service Managers, Waiter and Waitress.

O-NET Online Reference:
35-3011.00 – Bartenders

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