Jobs for Teens at Government Agencies

Why Teens Working at Federal Government Agencies?

The federal government offers students with the opportunity to intern at federal government agencies. Working for the internship program allows teens to earn money and gain experience. There are various opportunities that students can apply to for a chance to make an income and advance their future career. The internship program replaces the Student Temporary Employment Program (STEP) and the Student Career Experience Program (SCEP).


The program has been designed to offer opportunities to students who are currently enrolled in an educational institution. To be eligible, one needs to be studying. High school to graduate students can utilize the opportunity. Teens can work in an agency and try their luck at a federal career once they finish their studies. They get to make money and learn about the work at the same time.

Any student studying at an accredited educational institution such as high school, college (i.e. junior colleges, community colleges, and universities); technical, vocational, professional, and trade school; or any other qualifying institute are eligible to apply.

Program Administration

  • The program is administered by the concerned agency.
  • Interns may be hired by agencies for a temporary period or an indefinite period until the educational requirement is completed.
  • Interns get to choose whether they want to work full-time or part-time.
  • A Participant Agreement must be signed by the agency and the intern. It would mention everything in detail.
  • The job will be mostly related to the academic career goals of the intern or their field of study.
  • OPM will be provided with information from the agencies with regards to the opportunities presented by the internship and will post information on USA JOBS where students can apply for a specific position.

Program Completion and Conversion

  • Upon completion of the internship program, students can convert their internship into a permanent job. Thus, they will get to work in the civil service.
  • The internship can also be converted into a permanent position during the period of the internship program.

In order for students to qualify for conversion, they need to meet the following requirements.

  • Have completed a minimum of 640 hours of work.
  • Have completed their certification or degree requirements.
  • Meet the standards set for the qualification to ensure conversion for the position.
  • Meet the requirements set by the agency as per the Participant Agreement and have successfully performed the job.
  • It is possible for the agency to waive up to 320 hours of work from the 640 hours requirement where interns demonstrate that they possess high potential through excellent job performance and academic achievement.
  • Students who are working with an agency can also add up the working hours-requirement by working for third-party intern providers.
  • Time spent working under an Internship Program in the past can also be considered.

If you are a teen who wants to have a bright future, it might be a good idea to consider working at a federal government agency. It is hoped that the above information enables you to proceed with earning an income and progressing in your career ambitions.

1. Amtrak

2. CDC

3. Census Bureau


5. CIA


7. DEA

8. DHS

9. DIA

10. DOE

11. DOS

12. EEOC

13. EPA

14. FBI

15. FCC

16. Federal Reserve

17. FERC

18. GAO

19. HHS

20. Marines

21. NASA

22. NGA

23. NLRB

24. NRO

25. NSA

26. ODNI

27. TVA

28. USDT


30. USPS