Jobs for Teens at Resorts

resorts jobs for teens

List of Resorts that Hire Teens

The following are just 8 of the entire list of Resorts we know will and have provided jobs for teens in the United States.

Guest Services

Resorts - Minimum age: 16

Jobs for teens at Guest Services, a private hospitality management company established in 1917. Minimum age to apply is 16 years old.

Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery

Resorts - Minimum age: 18

Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery Facts Canyon Lakes Golf Course and Brewery is a public golf course that has an onsite microbrewery. It is located in San Ramon, CA Aside from golf, there are also exciting activities like bocce ball courts. The place holds bocce ball league every Spring! Canyon Lakes Golf Course & […]


Resorts - Minimum age: 18

Learn how to apply jobs at Sheraton hotel and resort. Minimum age to apply is generally 18 years old. Apply as room service, bellstand attendant or front desk agent,

Guardian Aquatics

Resorts - Minimum age: 16

Guardian Aquatics is a swimming pool management company which hires pool managers, lifeguards and gate guards. Minimum age to apply as lifeguards and gate guards is 16 years old.

VSA Resorts

Resorts - Minimum age: 16

VSA Resorts is a family of three family vacation resorts in Virginia Beach, VA. Minimum age to apply is generally 18 years old. If you are under 18 years of age, you must provide proof of your eligibility to work.