Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery Jobs for Teens

Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery Jobs

Canyon Lakes Golf Course and Brewery is a public golf course that has an onsite microbrewery. Because of the nature of the place, there are many part-time jobs to choose from such as pool attendant, food service worker, recreation staff, housekeeping associate, laundry worker, package handler, or early morning stocker.

Pool Attendant

  • Maintain the safety and cleanliness of the pools for guests.
  • Assist the lifeguards in helping swimmers who are in danger.
  • Measure the chemical levels of the pool.
  • Clean the pool after human waste incidents.
  • Makes sure that guests follow the protocols

Food Service Worker

  • Perform food-related jobs such as food preparation and cleaning of utensils
  • Bring food to the site where the customers stay
  • Replenish food and drinks of the customer
  • Clean work areas such as floors, facilities, and customer areas
  • Perform duties of a cashier from time to time

Recreation Staff

  • Plan and provide activities for guests
  • Implement safety rules to prevent injury
  • Assist guests in using recreational facilities
  • Administer first aid if needed
  • Teach the guests about how to use some recreational facilities

Housekeeping Associate

  • Maintain the cleanliness of the entire facility
  • Coordinate with other offices, department, and personnel about the needs of the guests such as towel, soap, and others

Laundry Worker

  • Replace the needed towel, sheets, and others when they are dirty
  • Take care of the laundry needs of the guests

Package Handler

  • Seal, assemble, scan and load package
  • Make sure that the package is received by the person

Early Morning Stocker

  • Coordinate with the morning deliveries
  • Makes sure that the deliveries are store and stocked properly
  • Assist staff or personnel in finding items

Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery Job Application

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Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery Job Interview Questions

  • Why do you want to work for this company?
  • What are your qualities that will make us consider you to the position?
  • Do you have past experience in the job that you are applying?
  • How do you handle customer complaint?
  • What is your preferred shift?

Canyon Lakes Golf Course & Brewery Benefits

It is important to be informed that the company does not show any employees’ benefits likewise in the other websites where the jobs are posted. So, it is safe to assume that the company offers the government-mandated benefits both for the fulltime and part-time employees.

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