Jobs for Teens at Sheraton

Sheraton Facts

  • Popularly known as Sheraton Hotels and Resorts.
  • It was founded in 1937 by Ernest Henderson and Robert Moore who were classmates from Harvard.
  • It currently operates 435 hotels and 88 resorts in more than 70 countries worldwide.
  • It has merged with Marriot Hotel in 2016.

Sheraton Jobs

The common part time jobs offered by Sheraton are server / waiter / waitress – cocktails (on call), House Keeper Rooms (on call), Front Desk Agent, Room service crew, bellstand attendant, club level concierge, guest service representative, club lounge attendant, among others. The minimum age requirement Sheraton part-timers is 18

Here are some of the duties of the job posts mentioned above:

Restaurant Server / Waiter / Waitress – Cocktail

  • Provide fast and excellent service to guests
  • Check the guests’ needs periodically to make sure that their needs are met
  • Offer help and guidance with menu offerings
  • Help with the preparation of dessert and beverage
  • Make sure that all dishes are well-presented

House Keeper Rooms / Room Service Crew

  • Make beds and fold sheets
  • Clean the room by removing dirty linen, trash, and room service items
  • Vacuum carpets and floor
  • Clean the appliances, furniture, and desk items
  • Dust, polish, and remove any form of marking from walls and furniture
  • Greet guests and take care of their requests

Front Desk Agent

  • Give guests hotel and room information, amenities, and directions
  • Sort out, verify, and process the check-ins/ checkouts of guests and make necessary adjustments depending the guests’ requests
  • Make sure that the cashier and daily reports are completed
  • Prepares, double-check, and adjust the bills
  • Prepares and completes simple cashier and daily opening or closing reports including money
  • Record and accept wake-up calls, coursing through the right department
  • Contact the appropriate authorities or offices in case of emergency, theft, loss of any items

Bellstand Attendant

  • Greet and escort guests to rooms
  • Open doors and provide assistance among guests in entering and leaving the hotel
  • Give information about the amenities, services, and hours of operation of the hotel
  • Explain the various features of rooms such as mini-bar, ice and vending areas, use of room key, etc.)
  • Transport guest luggage from the hotel lobby to the room
  • Provide assistance with the store or retrieval of luggage

Club Level Concierge

  • Welcome the guests and usher them to their preferred seat or table
  • Make sure of the cleanliness and good condition of bar, bar unit, tables, and other tools
  • Oversee the club lounge in terms of seating availability, service, safety, and other needs of the guests
  • Prepare and serve all kinds of drink offered in the bar
  • Oversee the stock ice, glassware, tools, and supplies
  • Provide replenishment of the drink and other needs of the guests
  • Take care of the supplies of the bar
  • Fill out necessary forms and reports

Sheraton Job Application

From Marriot Career Page, proceed to Jobs.

For easier job search, type in the keyword or the job and your preferred location.

Or, from the careers page click FIND A JOB.

Sheraton Job Interview Questions

  1. What led you to apply for this job?
  2. What is a time you ran into a problem at work and how did you solve it?
  3. What is your best quality?
  4. How did you know this opportunity?
  5. Do you have past experience with restaurants or food service industry?

Sheraton Benefits

Below are the benefits an employee of Sheraton enjoys:

  • Discount at some shops for both part-time and fulltime employees
  • Free lunch or snacks for both part-time and fulltime employees
  • Company Social Events for both part-time and fulltime employees

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