Jobs for Teens at Cleaning Service

cleaning service jobs for teens

Why Teens Working at Services Company?

Being a teen is not easy, especially if you do not have enough pocket money. Besides, asking for some money can be overwhelming. You simply cannot expect to receive some money every time you request some. Hence, you have no better option but to find work. One of the best jobs that teens can do is cleaning. With plenty of companies offering cleaning services, you should have no trouble finding work opportunities. This post shares everything that you should expect. Let’s dive in.

Duties and Responsibilities

As a cleaner, you will need to perform cleaning and light maintenance tasks in commercial and residential properties. Most cleaning job postings list the following duties and responsibilities.

  • General Cleaning: Cleaners need to maintain a clean and sanitary environment that also looks equally presentable and welcoming.
  • Waste Disposal: Another duty that you will need to perform is emptying the trash cans in the office or any other area daily. The waste bins have to be timely emptied to avoid overflow and replace the trash bags.
  • Clean and Stock Restrooms: If working in a corporate setting, cleaners need to keep the restroom clean and sanitize them daily including the floors, toilets, and sinks. In addition to this, soap dispensers and paper goods must be properly stocked.
  • Clean the Floors and Relevant Areas: To ensure the office is clean, cleaners must vacuum and mop the floors. They also need to spot clean the walls and dust the baseboards.

Skills and Qualifications

Cleaners are required to be reliable and work independently to transform a dirty area into a refreshing and welcoming space. The work is evaluated by those that frequent the designated areas. When it comes to qualification requirements, one does not need formal education. However, the following skills are needed to get hired.

  • Dependability: To work as a cleaner, you need to be dependable. This means that you must provide consistent and reliable work.
  • Physical Fitness: Cleaners need to be physically fit to work. The job is physically demanding as you would need to be on your feet throughout the course of the employment. A minimal level of fitness should be met. Moreover, there might also be a need to lift up to 40 pounds.
  • English Language Proficiency: Cleaners should be able to interact with clients in English.
  • Clean Background Check: As cleaners have to work in a personal environment, they have to pass background checks.

Education and Training

As mentioned above, cleaners do not require formal education. However, certain employers only hire high school graduates. In addition to this, you will also need at least one year of relevant experience.

How Much Do Teens Make Working in Services Company?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, cleaners earned a median annual income of $24,190 or about $12 an hour in 2016. The highest cleaners earned $19.60 an hour. The highest wages earned were by cleanings working in government institutions. The demand for cleaners is expected to rise by 10% until 2026.

Now that you know everything about cleaning jobs, you can apply for a job to earn some money on the side.

Services Companies That Hire Teens

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1. A Cleaner World

2. Chem-Dry

3. Clean Harbors

4. Coit Cleaners

5. FastMaid Services

6. Jani-King

7. Merry Maids

8. Molly Maid

9. ServiceMaster Clean

10. Stanley Steemer

11. TruGreen