Jobs for Teens at Amusement Parks

Why Teens Working at Amusement Park

Do you love amusement parks? Then, why not work at one? There are plenty of jobs available at amusement parks. As long as you have a passion for all things fun, you should fit in perfectly. Besides, you could use the corn dogs and cotton candy. To learn everything about amusement park jobs, you need to read on.

When you apply for a job at an amusement park, you have the following options.

  • Entertainer: As an entertainer, you might need to work in a costume, sing, or dance.
  • Food and Beverages: Amusement parks make a ton of money through food and beverage sales. They hire wait staff, dishwashers, cashiers, and cooks.
  • Ride Operators: Every theme park has many attractions. To ensure that visitors get to ride the attractions safely, ride operators are needed.
  • Retail Sales: Theme parks tend to have retail shops. You can find work as a sales assistant, cashier, or merchandiser.
  • Game Attendant: Most parks also offer game areas where people can play games and win prizes. You can work as a game attendant to make money.
  • Lifeguard: Some theme parks have pools and water slides. They require lifeguards to ensure that visitors are attended for. Training is necessary as first aid, CPR, and water rescue skills are needed.
  • Maintenance Workers: To keep the park clean and ensure that rides function, maintenance workers are employed by theme parks.

Working Conditions

The working conditions at an amusement park are described below.

  • Work outside in the sun.
  • Possess stamina to stand and walk around the theme park.
  • Cleaning bathrooms and picking up trash if you are a janitorial worker.
  • Risks include overheating, ride-related injuries, or sunburn.

Despite the hard work, it can be worthwhile to work at an amusement park. Seeing people have fun can make your day.

Job Requirements

Generally, the job requirements for working at an amusement park are minimal and easy to meet as mentioned below.

  • No training is required as ride technicians, game attendants, and clean-up crew are trained on the job.
  • To get a job as a lifeguard at a water park, you need to complete a safety program and be certified in CPR.
  • Have a friendly personality and enjoy working with people.
  • Be able to handle difficult customers and loud noise.
  • Good communication skills are required to ensure that instructions and safety procedures are properly explained to riders.
  • Drug tests and background checks will be performed so that only those are hired that have a squeaky clean record.
  • Management positions require some experience and training.

How Much Do Teen Make Working at Amusement Park?

The starting rate is around $8 an hour but varies depending on the state you live in. However, the real compensation begins when you look at the benefits. Generally, you will receive free tickets for rides, discounts on food, and discounted hotel stays.

Once you have gone over this post, you will know everything there is to know about amusement park jobs. Learn more about the policies in place before you sign up for work.

Do Amusement Park Open in All Seasons?

Many amusement parks, mostly water parks, are not opened in winter due to bad weather conditions, especially in the North East (Chicago, New York, etc). Snow and cold weather can also make the rides difficult to function properly. Although there are still parks that stay open all year like Disney and Universal Studios, most amusement parks are opened for the summer.

How to Apply Jobs at the Amusement Park

Since most theme parks open during summer, it means that you have to submit job application before school breaks, except if the park open all seasons. Generally, you must be at least 14 years old to apply for jobs (Rental Attendant for example). Some other jobs are Lifeguard (minimum age 15), Ride Operator, Ticket Seller, live Singers or Dancers, etc.

Amusement Parks That Hire Teens

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