About the job: Monitor people activities in pools or beaches to give assistance as well as warnings.

Where will you work: At pools or beaches.

What will you do: Check the injured person and give first aid, provide safety prevention information, warn people of bad weather, unsafe areas, or illegal behavior, and also maintain pool water quality by testing chemical levels. Job skills / requirements:

  • Able to swim at least 500 yards
  • Good knowledge of all aquatic programs
  • Must pass a certification test

Industry: Sports, recreation

Minimum age: Generally start from 15+.

Expected wage: $9-$15/hour.

Similar name: Beach Attendant, Pool Attendant

Related jobs: Park attendant, lifeguard instructor

O-NET Online Reference
33-9092.00 – Lifeguards, Ski Patrol, and Other Recreational Protective Service Workers

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