Jobs for Teens at Reasor’s

What facts should you know about Reasor’s?

  • Reasor’s is an American Employee-owned regional grocery store chain which offers services typical of large grocery stores: fresh produce, canned goods, meat, deli products, dairy and cheese products
  • Reasor’s first store was in 1963 founded by Larry Reasor in Tahlequah, OK
  • The headquarter is in Tahlequah, OK
  • There are more than 19 stores in Oklahoma state, USA

Teen Jobs at Reasor’s

What jobs teenagers can apply at Reasor’s?

Meat Cutter
You will provide guest service excellence by proper stocking, rotation, setting and maintaining meat displays. You must know how to operate cutlery equipment and keep the cleanliness of the workstation all the time.

You will be responsible to the overall high quality fresh food preparation, production and processing. You have to properly package/wrap, weigh, price, and label according to company procedures.

Cake Decorator
You are responsible to create and design cake following the company recipe and procedures. You will take customer’s order and determine their actual needs so that you can deliver real solutions.

Responsible for creating appealing designs on specialty bakery goods. You will receive special orders from customers for cakes, pies, tortes, decorated cookies, etc. and decorates wedding cakes, and other cakes, including decorating cakes on request, duplicating drawings submitted by customers, either with Kopy Kake Photo Image Machine or free-hand.

Bakery Clerk
Your responsibilities include production and packaging of baked goods, stocking the shelves, making sure their selections are tantalizing to the eye and providing customers with the best customer service anywhere.

Deli Clerk
Serve customers at the counter by filling requests for products. You will slice meat and cheese for customers and fill display cases. You will help prepare salad recipes and a variety of foods for hot table and catering trays.

Reasor’s Job Application

How to apply jobs at Reasor’s as a teenager?

Minimum age to work at Reasor’s is 18 years old. If you are interested in a position with Reasor’s, click on Reasor’s career page from the link below. You will be contacted by a member of management to set up an interview if your application suits the vacant positions.

All future contact regarding available openings or a particular applicant’s status should be directed to the management team in the store location where you are applying. Reasor’s will not respond to on-line employment inquiries or questions concerning an applicant status.

Reasor’s Career
Reasor’s Locations

Reasor’s Job Interview Questions

  • What lead you to apply with Reasor’s?
  • What was your previous work experience?
  • Have you ever got into an argument with a manager or boss?
  • Are you good with groups or do you like to be by yourself?
  • Are you looking to grow with the company?

Reasors Job Perks and Drawbacks

  • You will receive 10% discount for any items
  • The paid time off for both part time and full time employees is great
  • A flexible schedule to fit your needs and school life
  • You will get differential pay for Night crew

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