Giant Eagle Jobs for Teens

Giant Eagle

Teen Jobs at Giant Eagle

Giant Eagle is American supermarket chain. The minimum age to work at Giant Eagle store is generally 14 years old.


Your job is to help customers with their purchases / cart. In addition you also need to keep the parking lot clean and no carts were scattered.

Fuel Station Attendant

You will oversee customer pumping gas in order to avoid spillage of gasoline as well as receive payments.


You are responsible in interacting with customers and processing their orders through the register system such as charging and dealing with payment cash or check.

Grocery Lead

As a Team Leader, you are responsible in directing, overseeing and evaluating all of your team members. You must be able to build strong working relationships with customers, vendors and suppliers. You have strong knowledge, interest and passion for products and services.

Lot Attendant

You will maintain cleanliness of the department and work area. You must be familiar with products in the store to assist customers with their questions.

Giant Eagle Job Application

To apply online you can visit this

Giant Eagle Interview Questions

  • Are you willing to work in a team?
  • Can you work overtime?
  • How do you build good customer service?
  • Are you familiar with cash register?
  • How do you manage your difficult team member?

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