Jobs for Teens at Ice Cream Parlors

ice cream parlors jobs for teens

Teen Jobs at Ice Cream Parlors

Being a teen means not having the financial means to live the life you want. Although your parents might offer you a decent pocket money, it is unlikely to be enough to purchase the items that you want.

With most teens wanting the latest smartphone, gaming console, sneakers, and clothing items, working a job becomes a necessity. One of the best jobs that teens can do is working at an ice cream parlor. This post takes a close look at teen jobs at ice cream parlors.

Jobs at Ice Cream Parlors

Teens can apply for the following job positions at ice cream parlors if they meet their requirements.

1. Ice Cream Scooper

  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Ability to keep the work environment clean.
  • Properly provide customers with what they want and serve them accordingly.

2. Store Manager

  • Ability to work independently.
  • Place orders on time.
  • Take inventory of the stock daily.
  • Manage a team of ice cream scoopers.

3. Cashier

  • Provide customer service by checking out their purchases by working the cash register.
  • Maintaining and restocking inventory.
  • Cleaning the store and washing the dishes.

Skills & Requirement

Generally, there is no need for a formal education to apply for a job at an ice cream parlor. However, you need to possess the following skills.

  • Friendly: To keep customers coming, you need to be friendly.
  • Fast Learner: As ice cream parlors tend to be fast-paced, you need to be prepared to learn new things and get to work.
  • Patience: Customers are not always the nicest of people. This is why you need to be patient for the job.
  • Ability to Work under Pressure: During peak hours, the ice cream parlor can be filled with people. Hence, you need to be able to work diligently and smile through it all.
  • Organization: Finally, you must have organization skills. This means that you should keep the area clean and work efficiently.

Pro & Cons

There are many pros and cons of working of working at an ice cream parlor as mentioned below.


  • Free ice cream.
  • Less people to deal with as compared to retail.
  • Ability to earn more through tips.
  • Learn to make the perfect ice cream or milkshake which you can make for yourself later.
  • Fewer annoying computer systems to do with unlike retail.
  • You can always eat your mistakes.
  • Amazing arm work for strong muscles.
  • Independence as you will not require any help.
  • Option to try the latest flavors before anyone else.
  • Get to meet all types of people.


  • Some customers can be difficult to satisfy.
  • You will need to be patient.
  • Big parties might not tip you.
  • Many customers require you to read the entire menu and have trouble making up their mind.

List of Ice Cream Parlors

Working at an ice cream parlor might just be what you need. It will provide you with much-needed cash and freedom. Hence, it is about time that you applied for a job.

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