Fuddruckers Jobs for Teens


Teen Jobs at Fuddruckers

Founded as “Freddie Fuddruckers” in 1979, its concept is to sell large hamburgers where its meat is grounded at the location; likewise, the baking of the buns. The company offers “Hourly Team Members”, another term for part-timers aside from the Management and Office jobs. Being an hourly team member means that you can be assigned to any of the following posts:


  • Communicates with guests and informs them when the food is ready
  • Communicate with the kitchen staff the food preferences of the guests
  • Conduct quality check on the food plating
  • Keep the expeditor station clean and organized

Salad Maker

  • Make salad and keep the food quality and standards of Fuddruckers
  • Help in other food preparation and inventory
  • Regulate food waste
  • Oversee the need for equipment maintenance and repair

Dessert Counter

  • Do the tasks in the bakery / dessert area
  • Prepare desserts


  • Bake in accordance to the safety procedures and quality of Fuddruckers
  • Prepare the baked good with an attractive and delectable presentation
  • Greet customers
  • Oversee the product levels, temperature and humidity, and cleanliness of stockrooms and the bakery area


  • Welcome and greet guests
  • Suggest items to guests
  • Count back change
  • Compute manually if needed
  • A problem solver and can multitask


  • Make sure that the dining room tables are bussed
  • Sweep the floors and keep the clean
  • Maintain the cleanliness of the restaurant inside and outside
  • Cleans the stockroom and restrooms
  • Make sure that the dishes, pans, and other kitchen equipment are washed properly and sanitized

Fuddruckers Job Application

The minimum age to work for Fuddruckers is 16. To apply hourly or part-time jobs at Fuddruckers please visit fuddruckers.com/jobs. If you can’t find any Fuddruckers job, you might need to find Fuddruckers locations near you and ask them if they are hiring.

Fuddruckers Job Interview Questions

  • What makes you a good fit for Fuddruckers?
  • Why do want to work for Fuddruckers?
  • How long do you expect to work here?
  • If you were hired, how would you benefit the company?
  • What was your worst customer experience? How did you handle it?

Fuddruckers Benefits

Based on its website, the following are the benefits of the hourly employees:

  • 401K
  • Half priced meals
  • Optional Medical Plan (with 3 plans to choose from)
  • Optional Dental Plan
  • Optional Vision Plan
  • Optional Disability Plan
  • Optional Life Insurance
  • Optional Hospital Cash Plan
  • Prescription Discounts
  • Paid Vacation

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