Jobs for Teenagers at Fast Food Restaurants

About 30 percent of fast-food workers are teenagers (age 16-19), with 40 percent are high school graduate, 27 percent is still in high school, and 26 percent in some college.

Many teenagers do work in fast food industry, but the majority of fast-food workers are not teenagers. (source: cepr)

How old do you have to be to work at a fast food restaurant?

Minimum age to work at fast food restaurant is generally 16 year olds. Some restaurants in certain locations might hire 14 and 15 years old with limited work hours.

Fast Food Restaurant Jobs and Wages

Job PositionsEntry LevelAverage Wages
CashierYes$7.25 per hour
Crew / Team MemberYes$7.25 per hour
Host / HostessesYes$7.25 per hour
CookYes$7.25 per hour
Shift ManagerNo$9 per hour


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