Target Jobs for Teens


Teen Jobs at Target

Target is the second-biggest discount retail outlet in the country, operating in forty-nine states. This retail store requires its workers to be a minimum age of sixteen. To be considered for employment at a Target Distribution Center, potential workers must be eighteen years old or older. What jobs teens can apply at Target?

Retail Stores Jobs

Assets Protection Team Leader/Target Protection Specialist/Assets Protection Specialist

Assist in sustaining a hazard-free and sanitary outlet. Must also help keep thievery and fraudulent activity at a minimum.

Store Facility Technician

Take charge of the aesthetic appeal of the store as well as the promotion of a safe environment for shopping/working.

Food Service Team Member/Starbucks Team Member

Must be in compliance with food safety regulations. In control of the making and serving quality food/beverages.

Cashier / Service Desk / Cart Attendant Team Member

Manage customer complaints with professionalism as well as helps maintain the appearance of the store.

Bakery/Deli/Meat/Produce Team Member & Cake Decorator

Concentrate on preparing fresh, quality food and picking the right groceries. Highlight appearance and quality while providing outstanding customer service.

Human Resources Team Leader/Human Resources Team Member

Provide training and mentorship to other employees and walk potential employees through the hiring cycle.

Backroom Team Member/Merchandise Flow Team Member/Reverse Logistics Team Member

In charge of stocking and restocking products for customers. Also responsible for customer and employee inquiries.

Pharmacy Team Member/Pharmacy Technician/Pharmacy Student

Assist in filling prescriptions for pharmacists and take care of customer data with complete privacy and precision.

Price Accuracy Team Member/Presentation Team Member/Signing Team Member

Manage price accuracy via labeling, tickets and store signs. Address customer complaints courteously and expeditiously.

Sales Floor Team Member/Fitting Room Team Member

Assist customers with their requests while upholding cleanliness and neatness throughout the store.

Sales Floor Team Leader/Backroom Team Leader/Guest Services Team Leader

Manage a fast-paced, exciting and enthusiastic team. Mentor your team members and monitor them.

Distribution Center Jobs

Administrative Assistant


Operations Clerical/Procurement Technician/Wave room Technician

Organize and pass out day-to-day documents and handle various documents, reports and invoices.

Assets Protection Technician

Assist in the implementation of anti-fraud and anti-theft regulations. Provide support during the asset recovery cycle.

Mechanic/Micromaintenance Technician/Utility Attendant

Manage the store by ensuring cleanliness and appearances for the building and equipment.

Human Resources Technician

Offer the Human Resources team administrative assistance as well as technical support.

Logistics Technician/Dispatcher

Sustain business partnerships with Shipping and Receiving and  postal service providers.


Identify and package products from main storage to store boxes.

Warehouse Worker

Handle merchandise boxes with care and proficiency to ensure proper and safe transportation.

Quality Control Technician/Inventory Management Technician

Provide a thorough inspection for all ingoing merchandise to ensure quality. Maintain reports on the building daily as well as weekly in order to manage item inventory and other regulations, such as dating logs.

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