Costco Jobs for Teens

Teen Jobs at Costco

Costco Wholesale is actually a multi-billion dollar worldwide merchant with factory club operations within eight different countries. Minimum age to apply jobs at Costco is 18 years old. Hourly employment positions at Costco are offered in these groups: Contact Center, Warehouse Store, Business Centers/Business Delivery, Depots. Customer Support Consultant is the sole occupation in the Contact Center group and is offered only at the head office. In Depots group, you will discover Power Tools Operator and Truck Driver.

Power Tools Operator

Operates and control power tools like, battery exchanger, floor scrubber, clamp, cigarette stamping machine, slip-sheet, electric pallet jacks, or fork sit-down lift truck, manual and power equipment to transfer and organize products in/out of warehouse.

Truck Driver

Operate split axle tractor/truck to supply products from store to depots, and warehouses. Stretches empty trucks, trucks with pallets, and supplier loads returning to the depot. Drives gas 5th wheel tractor in warehouse yard to move trailer. Preserves driving and tools information.

In Business Distribution / Business Center classification, you will discover Class B (or CDL) License Driver along with the Order Picker (only in Washington, California, Arizona, and Georgia locations). This occupation, apart from Order Picker, involves an industrial driver’s license (CDL) (a driver’s license expected in America to manage any kind of vehicle weighing over 10,001 lb (4536 kg) for industrial use).

The lowest age to submit an application for a CDL is generally 21, as necessary by the US Department of Transportation, despite the fact that some states permit drivers that are 18 – 20 to submit an application for a CDL which is legitimate only inside the driver’s city of residence.

There are more than 20 different job positions in Warehouse/Store category like Sanitation Assistant, Baker, Cake Decorator, Bakery Wrapper, Cashier, Food Service Assistant, Cashier Assistant, Forklift Driver, Maintenance Assistant, Forklift Operator, Meat Cutter, Membership Refund Cashier, Meat Wrapper, Outside Marketer, Membership Assistant, Non-Licensed Optician, Non-Licensed Hearing Aid Attendant, Tire Sales Assistant, Service Deli Assistant, Pharmacy Sales Assistant, Tire Installer, Skilled Maintenance, and Stocker. The following are common work opportunities at Costco Stockroom/Warehouse.

Cashier Assistant

Pack member purchases into containers and moves products to an individual trolley for Cashiers. Carries out cleanup, trolley collection, products restocking and runs for products as instructed.


Processes member requests, collects fee while offering an advanced level of member support. Prepares clean up, division set-up, and ending projects which is essential.


Shares and straightens products on sale in the factory. Cleans and clears aisles, and helps members.

Food Service Assistant

Makes and sells meals and beverages to clients. Draws and stocks resources and ingredients, clears kitchen space and dining area as well as provides instant, respectful member support to clients.

Bakery Wrapper

This department makes wraps, garnishes, labels, weighs, and bakery products.

Service Deli Assistant

Entrees, prepares, salads, packages, labels meals, party trays, ribs, cheese and slice meats, rotisserie chicken, sushi, assembles take-and-bake pizzas.

Membership Assistant

Process customer users, renewal and included cards. These assistants advises customers along with prospective customers, about regular membership, store and credit applications. They also assist customers with regards to product accessibility. Challenges substitute and temporary cards, important credit applications and offers an advanced level of customer service.

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Costco Interview Questions

  • What is one time you failed and how did you recover?
  • Why did you choose to apply to Costco?
  • What skills do you have that would be relevant here at Costco?
  • How do you handle misunderstandings with co-workers?

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