Jobs for Teens at Lagoon

Lagoon Facts

  • Lagoon is an amusement park in Farmington, UT
  • Five of its ten roller coasters are unique
  • Opened in 1886

How Old to Work at Lagoon

The minimum age to apply at Lagoon Park is 14 years old. Most other job positions may require you to be older than 14.

Teen Jobs at Lagoon

Seasonal Employment

Job opportunities for the summer season at Lagoon park are as followings.

Title Department Minimum Age
Access Control Officer Safety & Security 16
Assistant Stage Manager Entertainment 16
Campground Attendant Admissions 16
First Aid Attendant (EMT Safety & Security 18
Food Service Employee Foods 14
Games Attendant Games 16
Grounds Attendant Grounds 16
Grounds Night Crew Employee Grounds 16
House Manager Entertainment 16
Lifeguard Lagoon A Beach 16
Light Technician Entertainment 16
Merchandise Sales Associate Merchandise 16
Restroom Attendant Grounds 18
Ride Operator Rides 16
Security Officer Safety & Security 18
Warehouse/Stocker Purchasing 16

Live Entertainment

Lagoon offers an opportunity to talented individuals, auditions required.

Talent Minimum Age
Singers 16
Dancers 16
Character Actors 16
Musicians 16

Frightmares Jobs

Available positions are Haunted Walk Through Actors, Streetmosphere Performers, Children’s Walk Through Actors, and Makeup Artists.

Minimum age to apply for this position is 15 years old.

Year-Round Employment

You must be 1t least 18 years old to apply for year round positions at Lagoon Park.

Year-round positions are Carpenter, Computer Software Developer, Construction Laborer, Electrician, Maintenance Technician, and Plumber.

How to Apply Jobs at Lagoon

To apply please visit Lagoon Park Jobs and choose type of employment.

Then choose between Seasonal Employment, Live Entertainment, Pre-Season Employment and Frightmare Jobs.

Choose the Apply Button and find available job position you would like to apply and submit your job application.

To see what attire each employee will wear during working hours please see The Lagoon Look

Lagoon Interview Questions

  • Do you like working in the park? Do you like dealing with people?
  • How passionate are you about being Electrician?
  • How honest are you? On a scale of 1 to 5?
  • Do you have any past experience with Ride Operators?
  • Give an example of how to get visitors to come back to the park?

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