Wegmans Jobs for Teens

Teen Jobs at Wegmans

Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. is a family-owned U.S. regional supermarket chain. In some departments at Wegmans, employees can be as young as 15 years of age. In other departments, the minimum age is 16 or 17 years based on the required equipment used as well as labor laws. Departments where minors can work may vary by state and can be discussed during an interview.


Interacting with people, handling monetary exchanges and assisting others. Minimum age is generally 15 years old.

Cook Team Leader

Must be 18 years or older. Assist the Chef and Sous Chef in overseeing the Prepared Foods department.

Customer Services

Greeting customers and answering questions in a friendly manner, proactively offering assistance and providing accurate and timely information, making product/ service recommendations and accommodating special requests. Age requirement is 15 years old or older.

Entry Level Management

Minimum age is 18 years old. Specific job positions are Team Leaders, Management Trainees and Department Managers.
– Team Leaders are found in each department of the store.

– Service Team Leaders are found on the Front End of the store; the area where customers begin and end their shopping experience.

– Management Trainees focus on a specific department while working hands-on to learn about Wegmans values, business measures, standards and operations to become a successful Team Leader or Department Manager upon completion of the program.

– Department Managers responsible for the profitability and appearance of the department(s) they manage while ensuring employees are working to meet customer and store needs.

Overnight Operations

Minimum 18 years old. Specific job positions are Overnight Customer Service,Overnight Team Leaders and Overnight Managers.
– Overnight Customer Service team members work closely with the team stocking, refilling and rotating items on shelves; unloading deliveries and breaking down skids; maintaining an organized workspace; and ensure product levels are maintained and aisles are kept in pristine shopping condition for our customers.

– Overnight Team Leaders assist the Department Manager, and manage the department in his/ her absence, to ensure the department is running smoothly and products are available for customers.

– Overnight Managers use strong managerial and leadership skills to control everything from department financials and product levels to ensuring each employee is working to meet store needs.

Pharmacist – Minimum 18 years old.

Valet – Minimum 18 years old.

Dish Washer – Minimum 18 years old.

Wegmans Job Application

By law Wegmans is required to obtain a work permit from all employees under 18 (NY, PA, NJ, MD) or under age 16 (VA) BEFORE THEY MAY BEGIN WORK. Generally, work permits are issued at the school the minor is attending. If you are under 18 (NY, PA, NY, MD) or under age 16 (VA) and do not currently have a work permit, please contact your school.

Using the Job Search function located on jobs.wegmans.com, you can choose specific criteria (city, state, full-time/ part-time, zip code / radius search etc.) that match the job you are looking for. After clicking “Search”, review the available openings that meet your requirements. If you see a job that interests you, select “Apply for this job” at the bottom of the job description page to begin the application process.

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