Jobs for Teens at Coffee Houses

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Teen Jobs in Coffee Houses

Being a teen is not easy. With so many life-changing decisions to make on your own; things can get difficult at times.

One of the most important things that you need to consider is taking up a job. There are plenty of teen jobs that you can take up. Many teens prefer to work in coffee houses to earn a decent income.

If you are considering making cash, teen jobs in coffee houses are a good place to start. This post shares all the information you need to be successful.

Kinds of Jobs at Coffee Houses

When you work at a coffee house, you get to work a variety of jobs as mentioned below.

1. Managers

As a manager, you will need to make sure that day-too-day operations keep running efficiently. It includes training and developing the staff; procuring food and beverages; ensuring high-quality service is provided to customers; and managing financial responsibilities.

2. Baristas

Barista is an Italian word which means bartender. The barista is responsible for making all the coffee at the coffee shop. It is a glamorous job that is in high demand today. As a barista, one has to be a specialist in making each coffee tailor-made. Courses need to be taken to keep up with the industry standards.

3. Back Room and Headquarters

Every coffee shop has an accountant who manages the payroll and expenses. The administration and marketing teams sell the product and manage staff, while, the quality control professionals make sure that products of the highest quality are offered to customers.

4. Other Positions

In addition to the above, larger coffeehouses offer other positions as well such as the position of a cashier. As a cashier, one has to take payments from customers and balance the books once the business day comes to an end. There might also be a greeter who will open the door for customers and ensure that they all feel welcome. Besides this, stock persons and dishwashers are also required.

What You Might Do On The Job?

Working at a coffee house means that you will need to all types of work as mentioned below.

  • Interact with customers.
  • Process customer payments.
  • Try recipes to create food dishes for the customers.
  • Recommend new coffee beverages to the customers.
  • Use café equipment such as frothing pitches, coffee grinders, and espresso machines.
  • Heat up the breakfast sandwiches or baked goods and package them.
  • Receive constructive feedback.
  • Take inventory of items.
  • Maintain a clean workspace.
  • Clean the café tables.

How to Be a Barista (Education, Skills and Characteristics Baristas Need)?

In order to become a barista, one needs to have a high school diploma. However, many cafes overlook this requirement and only require prospective employees to have soft and hard skills to ensure that they are able to do the work. To get a job as a barista, you need to be detail-oriented, able to multitask, patient, and friendly.

Once you finish reading this post, you will know everything about teen jobs in coffee houses. So, what are waiting for? Apply for one now.

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