Chili’s Jobs for Teens

Teen Jobs at Chili’s

Chili’s Grill & Bar is a restaurant chain which has more than 1400 casual dining restaurants, mostly located in the United States and Canada. Minimum age to work at Chili’s is generally 16 years old, varies based on each location. Some places may require 18 years old.


The main responsibilities of a cook are; preparing a variety of food by exactly following any recipe procedure and to come up with the astonishing food of the highest quality, every time. Other responsibilities include; cleaning and sanitizing the eating area while your shift is on. As a cook, you should also communicate frequently with the managers and QA regarding any potential problems. The working conditions will be hot and damp, and you have to work most of the time in front of open flame. You should be skilled enough to operate all the kitchen tools, such as knives, slicers and pans, among others.


As a bartender, your duty will be to mix various drinks, such as liquor, water, soda or sugar in order to prepare consistent and high quality cocktails. Apart from serving drinks to the guests, your main responsibility will be to collect all payments for served items, including food. Before applying, make sure that you are skilled enough to work with POS system, and you can handle all the credit card transactions yourself. You will be responsible for all the balance (payments) at the end of your shift. You should be patient and tolerant enough to speak politely to even the angry customers who are in inebriated or drunken state and you should be quick enough to report everything to the manager.


The main responsibility of the dishwasher is to clean and sanitize all the utensils and equipment before serving them to the guests. The utensils will include all the glassware and plate-ware items. You duty will include; setting up the dish machine in the morning and closing it down at the end of the day. You will be provided the exact procedures to follow, for operating the dish machine. Apart from washing dishes, your other responsibilities will include cleaning and mopping the kitchen surfaces, including the floors and work tops. In case of any potential problems, you should promptly inform your supervisor. You should also be capable enough to take prompt action yourself or suggest the correct action to the supervisor. Most of your work will be indoors, i.e. about 75%, and you have to perform 25% of work outdoors.


The main responsibility of the servers is to answer the general queries about food, drinks and their methods of preparation. Other responsibilities will include, taking drink orders at greetings, serve beverages and suggest appetizers to the guests. After taking the entire order, your duty will be to repeat the order to the guests for confirmation. You should be polite enough while doing that. You will be responsible to serve food in a particular guest section by uniformly moving the food to all the tables. Your objective would be to satisfy the guest with the excellent food service. You should be able to use computers for placing orders, credit or cash transactions and accurately maintaining the balance records when your shift ends.


The major responsibility of the buspersons is to make sure about the proper sitting arrangements for the guests. The buspersons should be able to accommodate all the guests on clean and sanitized set-table arrangements in the shortest possible time. Apart from ensuring the perfect sitting arrangements, other responsibilities of buspersons include; maintaining the proper cleanliness of the building perimeter, parking lots and most importantly the rest rooms. The buspersons should be ready to provide a helping hand to the guests, in case they need any help, such as, refilling the beverage or clearing-away the dishes or glassware. As a busperson, you will also be responsible for restocking and preparing the supplies for the next shift. Since, ensuring cleanliness will be your main responsibility, you have to ensure the proper cleanliness of booster seats and high chairs, and you will be responsible for ensuring that the trash are empty, and the restaurant is spot free. Your duties will also include delivering food to the tables.

Chili’s Job Application

To apply at Chili’s you need to fill out an application and submit it to your local Chili’s.

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