• Teen Jobs at King Soopers Supermarkets

Jobs for Teenagers at King Soopers

Minimum age of employment at King Soopers is generally 15 year old. King Soopers is a great place to work especially for part-timers. You can still go to school and they will work with you to help with your schedule. Initial pay is not that great but once you have established yourself in the company and begin moving up, they would pay you much better. King Soopers also gives great benefits after 1200 hours of part time work or after a year of working.

King Soopers operates about 140 combination food and drug stores mostly in Colorado but also in Wyoming. About half of the stores are in the Denver area. If you are looking for a decent job that will provide some somewhat consistent income, apply to be a checker at your local grocery store. Sometimes you have to work your way up from bagger to checker, but you could do this within a few months. Just be careful with your job and make sure you’re good at dealing with people.

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