Maui Wowi Jobs for Teens

Teen Jobs at Maui Wowi

Maui Wowi serves all-natural smoothies and Hawaiian coffees. You may find Maui Wowi in malls, ballparks / stadiums, zoo / theme parks, sporting events, conventions centers, race tracks, hosptials, college campuses and even airports. Maui Wowi operates differently, some franchise use ka’anapali cart, while others use mobile concession, or kiosk. Jobs that teenagers can apply at Maui Wowi are:

Assistant/Shift Manager

As Assistant or Shift manager in Maui Wowi you are the one who is responsible for setting the store operation to ensure the customers are served productively. Generally this job position requires previous experience in retail.


As a Barista in Maui Wowi, you need to have sufficient knowledge of espresso drinks and machinery. You will serve the customers coffee drinks made from roasted Kona coffee. Even though there is no special requirement, but generally this position requires previous experience as Barista.


As a cashier in Maui Wowi, you will greet customers and provide them detail information about all Maui Wowi products. You will also handle cash register to take the payment and give change to the buyers. This job position may not require previous work experience, but strong ability in Math.

Maui Wowi Job Application

Since each franchise is owned by its franchisee therefore employment procedure depends on its franchise owner. Minimum age to work at Maui Wowi is generally 18 years old, depending on each franchise owner policy. To apply at Maui Wowi, you need to find store near you by visiting and ask the franchise owner for available positions. You can also contact them to ask for employment inquiry.

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