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Burger King Corporation, often shortened to BK, is a global chain of fast food restaurants with approx. 12,000 outlets, based in 73 countries; of that, 66% of the outlets are situated in the United States.

Teen Jobs at Burger King

Team Member
A Team Manager is required to demonstrate an ability to interact with customers in relation to processing and preparing orders, solving complaints or other issues, receiving payments, and operating the cash register or POS terminal. High-standards in maintaining a safe and clean working environment are required, with a need to maintain a clean restaurant area, both inside and out; including maintaining the bathroom, parking lot, sidewalk and dumpsters. Stocking and uploading is also involved. Minimum age of applicants is 16 years old.

Shift Coordinator (Hourly)
A Shift Coordinator takes responsibility for a number of assigned tasks throughout a given shift where a manager is not on the premises. Responsibilities consist of providing training and assistance to staff members during an assign shift, monitors accurate and well-organized preparation of meals, and ensures complete satisfaction for customers. Progression from this role is possible with a strong performance, with options to advance to a restaurant manager’s assistant. Minimum age of applicants is 16 years old.

General Manager
The role of a General Manager comprises of managing human resources, as well as an ability to meet financial and operational objectives. A flexible/open schedule and a reliable form of transportation will also help. Prior experience: 4+ years in a supervisory or management capacity in a food-based (preferred) or in hospitality/retail environment; two years attendance at a collage or similar, and a high school diploma or similar. Strong mathematics and computer literacy (Windows-based) is also a requirement. Minimum age of applicants is 18 years old; although this varies in some restaurants.

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Navigate to the applications page, review the job opportunities and then choose the In-Restaurant post you wish to apply for. Click the Apply Now button; now enter your preferred city, state, and zip code to search local job opportunities. If no matches appear, revise the search criteria, and re-submit. A ‘Send-A-Resume’ link is available to offer a quick and efficient means to apply for a job vacancy electronically. If the option to submit an application online isn’t available, it might be necessary to submit an application via standard mail to the address indicated.
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