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Please note that minimum age for each job title at Captain D’s may vary by location or business operator.

About Captain D’s

Captain D’s is a restaurant chain that serves seafood, fish and chips. If you ever wondered why the name of this restaurant is the Captain D’s, actually letter D is taken from the initial of the last name of one of its founders, Ray Danner. Captain D’s has over 600 restaurants in more than 25 states in the United States and in several countries such as Japan, Germany and Korea.

Teen Jobs at Captain D’s

Guest Specialist
As Guest Specialist you must have a lot of hospitality for you will be dealing with guests who want to enjoy a meal at the restaurant. Not only that, you have to understand every food offered in the menu and be able to explain to customers properly. In addition you must be able to act quickly to provide comfort to the guests who had just arrived by directing them to the appropriate table.

Cashier Crew Member
As a Cashier Crew Member you must have a perfect math skills, accuracy in receiving and returning exchange. Moreover you must also be polite and have good behavior in communicating with customers. If you have previous background experience in the same position it would be worth enough to be included in your resume.

Captain D’s Job Application

You have to be at least 16 years old to work at Captain D’s. Captain D’s does not provide printable job application form so to apply jobs at Captain D’s you should visit their career page and choose your location, then fill in the form and continue with the rest of the application submission process.
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