How Old to Work at Aerospace And Defense Company

Jobs for Teens in Aerospace & Defense Industry

Working in the aerospace and defense industry can be a great opportunity for teens. There are many entry-level positions that can give teens the chance to learn about the industry and gain valuable experience.

There are some things to consider before applying for a job in this industry. Teens should research the company and the position they are interested in. They should also make sure they are physically and mentally able to handle the demands of the job.

Most importantly, teens should be aware of the potential risks associated with working in this industry. They should ask questions and get as much information as possible before making a decision to work for an aerospace & defense company.

Aerospace & Defense Companies that Hire Teens

Can teenagers work in Aerospace & Defense industry? What is the minimum age to work in aerospace & defense company? Let's find out what teen-friendly jobs have ever been posted by companies in aerospace & defense industry and their given minimum age requirements.

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Minimum age to apply at Amentum is 15. An amentum was a leather strap attached to a javelin used in ancient Greek athletics, hunting, and warfare, which helped to increase the range and the stability of the javelin in flight. Jobs that has been posted by Amentum and teens can apply are:

  • Conduct of Operations Specialist (18+)
  • Waste Management Supervisor (18+)
  • Plant Operator (18+)
  • Lockout/Tagout Coordinator II (18+)
  • Waste Operator (18+)
McGee Air Services

McGee Air Services

Minimum age to apply at McGee Air Services is 18. Jobs that has been posted by McGee Air Services and teens can apply are:

  • Director, Stations - LAX (18+)
  • Performance Supervisor - PDX (18+)
  • Ground Services Agent (18+)
  • Baggage Handler- Paine Field (18+)
  • Safety Specialist (18+)
Menzies Aviation

Menzies Aviation

Minimum age to apply at Menzies Aviation is 18. Jobs that has been posted by Menzies Aviation and teens can apply are:

  • Inventory Clerk - $21.00/hour (18+)
  • Fuel Farm Operator - $20.00/hour (18+)
  • Fuel Agent (Starting Pay $18.25/Hr+ Benefits) Dallas Love Field Airport (18+)
  • GSE Mechanic- $20.93/hour (18+)
  • CVG Passenger Service Lead (18+)