Jobs for Teens at Taco Time

Please note that minimum age for each job title at Taco Time may vary by location or business operator.

Taco Time Facts

  • Taco Time is a chain of Mexican fast-food restaurant
  • There are more than 300 Taco Time stores as of February, 2017
  • There are over 70 locations of Taco Time Northwest in western Washington

Teen Jobs at Taco Time

Crew Members
The crew members are assigned duties of Customer Service/Food Preparation like dishwashing, food handling, talking with the customers to take orders, cash register, cleaning and sanitized kitchen and cooking areas, preparing fresh and hot food in a timely manner and closing the store.

The Difference Between Taco Time and Taco Time Northwest

Taco Time Northwest is operated separately from Taco Time International.

Taco Time Northwest has several locations throughout the Western Washington area while Taco Time International operates the locations outside of the area.

Taco Time Job Application

How to apply for a teen job at Taco Time?

Minimum age to work at Taco Time is generally 18 years old, but minors are encouraged to apply.

Visit Taco Time store locations to find a store near you and hand in your resume to the manager.

If you live in Western Washington, you might apply for jobs at Taco Time Northwest.

Download Taco Time Northwest job application form and take the completed application to Taco Time Northwest near you.

Taco Time Interview Questions

  • Why did you leave your last job?
  • Why do you want this job?
  • How would you handle a situation by which a customer is angry because something was wrong with their order?

Is There Taco Time Near Me?

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