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Possibly the 4th largest pizza chain in the United States, Little Caesars is headquartered in Detroit, Michigan’s Downtown Fox Theatre building. For over 50 years Little Caesars has been one of the top international pizza chains in the industry and they offer some wonderful career opportunities.

Crew Members

Little Caesars Crew Members are responsible for working as a productive part of the restaurant team by performing their jobs in a way that will ensure all products served are high quality and customers are satisfied with the service. All crew members are expected to serve customers in accordance to company guidelines, service standards, telephone procedures, remedy processes, and front counter operations. In addition, as a crew member you will also be responsible for making sure all high quality products are created consistently by following company specifications, recipes, and other procedures shown on the material related to station job helpers.

All crew members need to display the correct image which is detailed in the company’s Orientation and Training handbook or as directed by a member of management. You will also be expected to organize and clean your work station and any other areas that are assigned which will help the restaurant maintain a clean image. The final qualification is that you always practice security and safety concerns as defined by the Colleague Orientation and Training Handbook and the ones by government agencies. The minimum age to apply for a crew member position is 16 years old.

Assistant Managers

As a Little Caesars assistant manager you will have a unique opportunity to partner with the company in helping to increase the company’s profitabity and sales growth. The company offers many opportunities for advancement and will allow you to work productively supervising restaurant colleagues to make sure that everyone is maximizing profitability and customer satisfaction during their shift. In addition, assistant managers serve customers with orders that are correct and complete within the company’s set goals for service time. Furthermore, in this position, you will be required to ensure compliance of colleagues to all local and federal regulations in regards to security and safety procedures, along with other cash management responsibilities.

You will need to provide both feedback and directions for colleagues to follow by counseling the team to ensure that all job duties are being performed according to Little Caesars policies, standards, and procedures. In this position, you will be asked to perform tasks associated with paper and food controls, utility cost controls, labor, and to monitor shift activities; again ensuring compliance. Assistant managers are expected to complete daily paperwork accurately and completely as described to you by the Operational OJT Guide or other member of management. Finally, all candidates will be expected to follow procedures put forth for opening and closing the establishment, in addition to handling unexpected occurrences appropriately while notifying parties in a manner in which is timely. The minimum age for assistant managers is 18 years old.

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