Jobs for Teens at Jet’s Pizza

Please note that minimum age for each job title at Jet’s Pizza may vary by location or business operator.

About Jet’s Pizza

Jet’s Pizza is an American pizza restaurant franchise which operates in 20 states with over 400 locations.

How Old to Work at Jet’s Pizza

Minimum age to apply at Jet’s Pizza is 16 years old.

Jet’s Pizza Job Positions

Delivery Driver
You must have driving license, clean driving record and also reliable transportation.

You should know many area to deliver.

You will also assist with kitchen duties as well as delivering.

This job offers you hourly wages with sometimes tips from customers.

Assistant Manager
You need to have 1-2 years experience operating a pizza franchise.

You must be experienced in customer service, leadership, management (in terms of volume pick up and deliveries).

You will also manage food and labor cost on a weekly basis.

How to Apply Job at Jet’s Pizza

Jet’s Pizza does not provide printable job application form.

You will need to apply directly at the store where you would like to work since each of their stores is independently owned and operated.

  1. Go to
  2. Select your State
  3. Choose store near you
  4. Read carefully the hours of operation
  5. Bring your resume and visit the store during work hour

Jet’s Pizza Job Application Guide

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Jet’s Pizza Interview Questions

  • Do you have a dependable vehicle?
  • Have you ever worked in food service before?
  • Did you graduate from high school?
  • Why do you want to work at Jets?

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